The Cold Hard Truth About the Chip Shortage

By now, you’ve no doubt seen the headlines about a global chip shortage.

GM and Toyota factories are shutting down…

Mass shortages of electronics are commonplace…

Everything from our food supply to medical device production is being strained to the breaking point.

And there is still no end in sight. As Intel reports, this shortage is set to continue for, “Several years.”

You may know it’s happening. You may know something seems to be very wrong…

But what you probably don’t yet realize–what few so far have figured out…

Is the disturbing truth behind all this.

And the fact that when chip shortages like this one happened in the past, the investors who took the right steps made 90 times their money…

… while millions of others who ignored these shortages LOST 90%.

Every time you hear about the chip crisis, remember: what we’re really witnessing isn’t some passing inconvenience or temporary trend.

What we are seeing is the most polarizing technological and financial event of our lifetimes.

One that will be a godsend for the select few investors who understand it…

And a disaster for the millions of others that are caught in its wake.

Already, behind the scenes, the realization is setting in.

  • The world’s most important tech corporations, including Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, wrote an urgent plea to Congress, practically begging for help with this chip crisis—fast.
  • The White House has stated this chip shortage is its “Top and immediate priority.”
  • Rumor has it some Americans are already hoarding items that could become scarce in the weeks ahead.

Now, a former computer chip executive with over 20 years of experience is stepping forward. To explain every detail about what this shortage really means for you… and what it will soon mean for our world.

To view his full presentation on this pivotal moment in history, click here.


Van Bryan
Editorial Director, Brownstone Research

P.S. Investors who navigated global chip shortages like this in the past saw 30… 40… and even 90 times their money. In some cases, in as little as a single year. While investors who ignored what was going on around them lost 90% of their wealth. This is here, it is serious, and you are running out of time to put yourself on the right side of history. Click here to learn the steps you can take right now to stay safe.