Beware Executive Order 14067

Last year, the Fed quietly rolled out the first phase of changes that could make a radical new currency law a reality…

Executive Order 14067.

The NEXT phase could roll out as soon as March 11 this year, blindsiding most Americans…

Because hidden in Section 4 of Executive Order 14067 is a little-known clause…

One that could enact the biggest overhaul to the U.S. dollar in history.

My colleague, 24-year market veteran Dan Ferris, believes this will fundamentally change every American’s money, economy, and way of life forever.

That’s why he’s put together his latest analysis, detailing not only what he believes will happen next, but what you can do about it.

This is not the first time he’s stepped forward to warn Americans about major shifts in the financial system.

He predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the fourth largest investment bank in America at the time… five months before it went bankrupt.

But now, he says what’s about to happen next is much worse than anything he’s ever witnessed in America’s financial history. 

Click here now to learn more about the coming crisis – before it comes to a head on March 11.