Wall Street Watchdogs Editorial Integrity

Simply put, if we wouldn’t recommend an offer to a close family member, we won’t recommend it on Wall Street Watchdogs. Strict editorial integrity is our North Star. It’s why we only stand behind the best products, based on our editorial opinions and ratings. There are three parts to our editorial integrity: our mission, editorial transparency, and commitment to our community.

Our mission

Wall Street Watchdogs exists to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. you can read our full mission statement here.

Editorial transparency

Being transparent with our community is one of our most important values. There are two reasons for that:

True editorial integrity is hard to come by

Wall Street Watchdogs will always be honest with our community. We go beyond words and take action to set us apart from other financial sites that commonly recommend only products from their advertising partners. Our Best Of lists include products from both our advertising partners and companies we have no relationship with.

We don’t hide how we make money

One way we make money is by promoting advertiser offerings that we’ve fully vetted and back with confidence. We don’t hide that fact. Our community deserves 100% transparency so they can assess on their own whether to trust our ratings and guidance.

Commitment to our community

We put your pocketbook before ours. Here’s how we do that:

Guiding individuals to the right product for them

We guide community members to only the products and services we’d feel comfortable recommending to a close family member. We recognize that people are in a lot of different situations and that they don’t all need the same financial products.

Meeting each individual on their own terms

Doing right by each individual is more important than making money. We take a long-term perspective instead of prioritizing revenue. Building relationships and recommending the financial products that solve readers’ problems is more important to us than profits.

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