How We Make Money

How we make money

Our commitment to you is full transparency, particularly when it comes to how we make money. We do partner with advertisers on Wall Street Watchdogs and may earn a commission when referring you to certain financial products we’ve vetted. These relationships help us bring free educational content to our community.

Our advertising partners

Wall Street Watchdogs’ current list of advertising partners spans finance verticals across credit cards, bank account products, stock brokerages, mortgages, and personal loan products. The following comprises our advertising partner relationships:

  • The Motley Fool
  • InvestorPlace
  • Weiss Research
  • True Market Insiders
  • Legacy Research
  • Angel Publishing
  • Banyan Hill Publishing
  • Empire Financial
  • Money Map Press
  • Stansberry & Associates
  • The Oxford Club
  • Financial Media Corp.
  • AfterOffers Media