“A.I. is a Tidal Wave” – Here’s What to Buy

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella says A.I. is a “tidal wave.”

One with even more potential than the internet.

This is a huge claim.

The internet generated more wealth than any other innovation in history – creating hundreds of thousands of new millionaires in America alone.

Now A.I. could do the same.

But if you’re buying Microsoft or NVIDIA to profit – you’re missing the big picture.

After 50 years on Wall Street, I’m going public with another way to profit on the coming $7 trillion A.I. boom.

This method has already uncovered multiple stocks that have gone up 100%, 200%, and even 300% (flying past NVIDIA, one of the top A.I stocks of 2023).

And it just isolated another company.

It’s an under-the-radar stock that already has a lucrative partnership with Microsoft – but has far more potential in the days ahead.

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To your wealth,

Marc Chaikin
Founder, Chaikin Analytics

About Chaikin Analytics

After 40 years on Wall Street as a trader, stock broker, analyst, and head of the options department for a major brokerage firm, Marc Chaikin founded Chaikin Analytics to deliver proven stock analytics to investors and traders. His work is based on the Chaikin Power Gauge, a 20-factor alpha model proven effective at identifying a stock’s potential. And now, he has launched Power Gauge Report to bring his knowledge to everyday investors in a brand-new way.