The Crypto Melt-Up has Begun

This crypto bull market is on the verge of a full-on panic.

But not the kind that crashes prices.

Instead, this appears to be a Melt-Up that drives Bitcoin and other cryptos into the stratosphere…

I’m talking about Bitcoin going to a million dollars…

And if history is any indicator, smaller cryptos that get swept up in the mania have a legitimate chance to turn a small grub stake…

Into a million-dollar windfall.

Before the whole thing folds like a house of cards.

Look, I know this may sound unbelievable…

But as I’ll show you in this video, historically, it’s happened 100% of the time… in every asset bubble in history.

BEFORE there is a crash…

There’s a panic-driven run up in prices.

People who sat out will suddenly pour in, trying to latch onto the bull run.

The same thing is on the verge of happening in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

If you understand how things will play out…

And position yourself ahead of time.

You could significantly pad your nest egg.

I would know.

My name is Charlie Shrem.

I’ve been called a “crypto visionary” and “Bitcoin royalty.”

I invested in Bitcoin at just $5… and later again at $20.

It’s up 200,000% since.

I got into Steem at just a penny…

It’s up 64,600% since.

Now, I’ve found a set of smaller cryptos that I think are going to soar in this crypto Melt-Up.

And I’d like to share this information with you.

Click here to learn about the Melt-Up — and the best way for you to take advantage.


Charlie Shrem

Senior Crypto Advisor, InvestorPlace