Two Trigger Events That Will Set Off The 5G Explosion (+ two stocks that will follow)

5G has been promised for years.

In fact, it’s already here in some places…

But not many.

Barely one in 10 Americans have 5G access right now.

But three trigger events are going to change all of that.

1. The 5G fiber optic network must be established.

This is the backbone of America’s 5G network.

And there’s one company that literally owns this entire fiber network.

All of the wireless carriers and pretty much every big name in communication already have contracts in place with this company.

And it trades for less than $10.

2. Apple’s release of their first 5G capable iPhone

Sales will go from $0 to $150,000,000,000 virtually overnight.

And it’s not AAPL that stands to see the highest gains, but a tiny chip maker that ALMOST no one knows about…

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