3 Stocks To Buy For The Semiconductor Surge

Since the strike of the pandemic, the modern world has made a MASSIVE shift into the digital realm. More people are working remotely, shopping online, and gaming more than ever before. As a result, the increased demand has led to a giant shortage in the manufacturing of the semiconductors that power our beloved technological devices…

What are semiconductors? They’re the manufactured microchips that circuit the electronic applications in your technological devices. To put it simply: Everything – from your smartphone, to your laptop; to your hybrid vehicle – runs on chips. 

Our dependence on technology is the reason why chips keep our economy afloat. And because of the shortage, investing in semiconductor stocks may be a surefire way to catapult yourself into wealth as fast as possible. Expert economists are calling this a potential “electronic gold rush.”

That being said, you can invest in semiconductors by investing in any of the three stocks below…

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1.) Nvidia (NVDA)

Market value: $498.5 billion

Dividend yield: 0.1%

Specialty: Graphics

As of now, NVDA is the ring leader stock in the semiconductor space. NVDA is praised for their graphics cards and processors, which are used for a variety of applications like computing, gaming, and more. NVDA is even linked to data centers, artificial intelligence and even Bitcoin!

2.) Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM)

Market value: $623.2 billion

Dividend yield: 1.5%

Specialty: Microprocessor manufacturing

The interesting thing about TSM is that there’s actually no intellectual property attached to its design. And yet, it could arguably be the most important subconductor in the world.

Why? Because at the end of the day, TSM is a foundry; a third party manufacturer for other subconductor producing firms. Most companies go to foundries for their chips to be produced on a massive scale. And out of all the foundries, TSM is the go-to for most companies.

3.) NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)

Market value: $56.7 billion

Dividend yield: 1.1%

Specialty: Communications and microcontrollers

When it comes to today’s biggest trends of technology, there’s a big chance NXPI is involved in most of the ideas behind them. While NXPI’s main focus is specialty chips, they take part in creating chips that connect industrial machines to the internet. We’re talking machines like the GPS in your car, Bluetooth to your headphones, your thermostat to your HVAC unit. 

NXPI is also responsible for near-field communication chips. One, in particular, the apps like mobile-to-mobile payments that allow you to purchase things with a tap of your phone. 

How To Get Your Slice Of The Electronic Gold Rush Pie

These 3 semiconductor stocks are likely to dominate during the current chip shortage. But they’re only just the beginning…

The key to getting started with semiconductor stocks is to become knowledgeable about the semiconductor industry while paying attention to its most promising stocks. But how do you learn more about semiconductor investing? And where can you find reliable information on the best stocks?

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to rush to become an expert overnight… 

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