3 Stocks Set to Soar In 2024

3 stocks could hand out huge gains to investors before the end of the year.

The first one is a tiny, under-the-radar AI stock that’s trading for just $3 right now. This company already has 98 registered patents for cutting-edge voice and sound recognition technology. And it has lined up major partnerships with Honda, Netflix, Pandora, Mercedes Benz and many, many others.

The second stock is pioneering a brand new type of Future Fuel that could put Tesla out of business. Forbes, CNN, and Nature Magazine are calling it the “fuel of the future.” And this “Future Fuel” is set to unleash an energy revolution that Goldman Sachs estimates will be worth $11.7 trillion. 

The third stock is a tiny $0.19 penny stock. But don’t let its low price fool you. This penny stock could be the #1 trading opportunity right now, with potential gains of 5,100%.

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