3 Sizzling Opportunities to Help Grow Your Retirement Income

Looking for extra retirement income? Most people simply throw their retirement accounts in an index fund — but that may not be the best option. 

Our team has put together three exciting income-generating opportunities that could help you skyrocket your retirement income and live like a king or queen in your golden years. 

The first one is called “The One Ticker Retirement Plan.” It was created by famed hedge fund manager Larry Benedict, and can give retirees the chance to double their money each week…just by trading one common ticker symbol. 

Thanks to an IRS loophole, the second opportunity can allow regular Americans to collect up to $28,544 (or more) in payouts from what Brad Thomas calls the “The Amazon Secret Royalty Program.”

And the third opportunity is called “The Golden Income Calendar.” It’s a unique dividend investment strategy that allows investors to collect checks worth $689, $1,523, or $3,822 every single week. 

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