3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks That Could Become the Next Apple

The iPhone…iMac…Apple watch…

Since 1983, Apple has released one groundbreaking product after another. In the process, it’s become the world’s first-trillion dollar company. 

Investing in Apple back in 1983 could have made you a millionaire as the stock shot up 120,045%. 

Where will the world’s next trillion-dollar company emerge from? 

Many people are pointing to artificial intelligence, or AI. 

PwC estimates AI will unleash $15.7 trillion in new wealth by just 2040. 

Whichever company masters AI could easily become the world’s biggest company…and unseat Apple once and for all. 

Our research team has isolated three stocks that we believe could become the next “Apple of AI” and potentially hand investors millions of dollars in the process. 

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