Three Must-Watch Tech Stocks to Consider Before Earnings

As earnings season ramps up, investors are keenly watching the tech sector for signs of standout performance. Our latest watchlist highlights a trio of overweight-rated companies that are not just surviving but thriving in the current economic landscape.

These selected stocks have demonstrated strong fundamentals and strategic market positioning, suggesting they are on the brink of significant growth. Each company has crafted a niche for itself within the tech industry, from innovative software solutions to cutting-edge hardware, making them potentially lucrative choices for those looking to invest before earnings announcements make their potential widely known.

While the broader market faces its share of volatility, these tech contenders offer a compelling argument for their inclusion in any diversified portfolio. By staying informed and considering these tech stocks now, investors could position themselves advantageously as earnings reports roll in. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into why each of these companies deserves your attention ahead of their upcoming financial disclosures. (MNDY)

Project Management Software Poised for Growth, known for its comprehensive project-management software, stands out as a stock not to be overlooked. The company is gearing up to report its earnings May 15th, and the indicators are promising. With an original approach to workplace management through its proprietary platform, has carved out a distinct niche in a competitive field.

Analysts are buzzing about the stock’s potential, noting its robust growth levers that could enable it to capture a larger market share. The company’s platform isn’t just different—it’s continuously expanding, which could be a key driver in its sustained growth. What makes particularly attractive is its balanced operating profile and the ability to maintain pricing power, even in turbulent economic times.

Investors should note that despite broader macroeconomic challenges, has managed to maintain the enthusiasm of its partners who are committed to investing in their long-term collaborations with the company. This sustained commitment could be a strong indicator of the company’s solid trajectory and underlying strength.

The stock has already seen an uptick of nearly 3% year to date, reflecting growing investor confidence. For those looking to get ahead of the curve in the tech sector before earnings reports are released, offers a compelling opportunity to invest in a platform that is both innovative and resilient.

Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER)

Ride-Sharing Giant Eyes Strong Earnings with New Price Strategy

Uber is gearing up for its May 8th earnings report with an upbeat outlook from analysts, signaling a robust period ahead. The company has recently enjoyed a positive market reception following its Investor Day and the presentation of its medium-term guidance. This has solidified expectations that the forthcoming first-quarter results will reinforce the optimistic investor sentiment.

Wells Fargo analyst Ken Gawrelski remains bullish on Uber, recently raising his price target to $95 from $90, suggesting a potential 26% upside. This adjustment reflects a confidence boost driven by Uber’s strategic pricing adjustments earlier this year, aimed at offsetting rising driver insurance premiums. These price increases are seen not just as a buffer but as a significant tailwind to Uber’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) moving into the second quarter and the full year 2024.

Furthermore, there’s an underappreciated catalyst that could play a crucial role as the quarterly results approach. That is, price increases are a tail wind, as they help offset driver insurance premiums.

 With shares already up 22% this year, Uber presents a compelling case for investors looking for growth in a well-established tech company navigating through economic shifts with strategic finesse. This stock pick is poised for potential gains, making it a notable contender for investors seeking to capitalize on the ongoing developments within the ride-sharing market.

Roblox Corporation (RBLX)

Gaming Platform with Potential for Rebound

Despite a rocky start with shares down 16% in 2024, Roblox is drawing attention for its potential turnaround. The online gaming platform is set to release its earnings on May 9th, and there’s a buzz about its prospects. The current undervaluation of Roblox shares appears to be misaligned with the company’s solid fundamentals, which may signal an opportunity for savvy investors.

Analysts are optimistic about Roblox’s performance, expecting the upcoming first-quarter results to meet or exceed expectations, potentially catalyzing a positive shift in stock momentum. Key to this optimism is the development of Roblox’s advertising platform, a strategic move seen as crucial to the company’s long-term revenue growth. This platform’s expansion is not just an enhancement of its business model but a vital element that could reshape its financial landscape.

Moreover, booking trends at Roblox remain strong, suggesting that user engagement and monetization could surprise on the upside. With solid full-year guidance for 2024 already in place and continued healthy engagement trends, there’s a compelling narrative that Roblox could outperform in the near term. For investors looking at the gaming sector, Roblox offers a potentially undervalued opportunity with significant upside as it continues to innovate and capitalize on its expansive user base.


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