Three Stocks for Under $15

In today’s world, where $15 barely covers a decent meal out or a small bag of groceries, it’s hard to imagine that the same amount could actually work harder for you. But here’s a little secret I’ve discovered: investing that $15 in the right places can open up a world of potential. That’s why I’ve put together this watchlist. It’s a collection that proves you don’t need to be a millionaire to make smart moves in the stock market.

You see, once a stock crosses that $10 mark, it’s like a rite of passage—it moves from the wild west of penny stocks into a zone where companies are often seen as more stable, more credible. But just because they’re a bit more grounded doesn’t mean they’ve lost their capacity for growth. On this list, I’ve focused on stocks that aren’t just affordable; they’re solid, with fundamentals strong enough to potentially turn that modest investment into something much more significant.

So, let’s dive into these three stocks. They’re more than just numbers on a screen; they represent companies with the kind of potential that makes even a small investment worth considering. And in 2024, finding value like this feels more important than ever.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) 

As we navigate through a world increasingly leaning towards sustainability, Ford’s journey into the electric vehicle (EV) market has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. With the automotive giant’s hefty pivot towards electrification, skeptics had their doubts, worrying that Ford’s traditional strengths might be overshadowed by the challenges of embracing new tech. Yet, Ford’s recent earnings tell a story of resilience and unexpected success.

Despite the growing pains associated with such a monumental shift—highlighted by CEO Jim Farley’s candid remarks on the competitive pricing pressures facing EVs—Ford has demonstrated a remarkable ability to exceed Wall Street’s expectations. The latest earnings release was a testament to Ford’s enduring strength, beating both sales and profit forecasts. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as it signals Ford’s capability to manage the delicate balance between its pioneering EV ambitions and its core automotive business.

The road ahead for Ford is undoubtedly filled with challenges, especially as it navigates the competitive and cost-sensitive landscape of EVs. However, the company’s recent performance is a beacon of hope, suggesting that Ford is not only surviving but potentially thriving amidst the transition. For investors looking for a stock under $15 with high potential, Ford presents a compelling narrative of transformation, resilience, and the promise of future growth as it redefines its legacy in the automotive industry.

CNH Industrial (NYSE: CNHI) 

In the vast and varied landscape of the stock market, CNH Industrial emerges as a fascinating blend of agricultural prowess and construction capability. This unique combination becomes particularly intriguing against the backdrop of Caterpillar’s (NYSE: CAT) recent stellar performance, a beacon for the construction industry’s robust appetite and resilience.

Caterpillar’s success story, marked by its ability to push through higher prices without deterring demand, casts a promising light on CNH Industrial. With approximately 20% of its revenue steaming from its construction equipment segment, CNH Industrial is positioned in a sweet spot that leverages the current industry momentum. Yet, it’s the company’s agricultural equipment, especially its large tractors, that anchors its core strength, providing a stable foundation amidst the cyclical nature of construction markets.

What truly sets CNH Industrial apart, however, is its financial attractiveness and operational efficiency. Sporting a P/E ratio that outshines 83% of its peers, CNH Industrial is a standout for value investors seeking performance without the premium price tag. Moreover, the company’s track record of generating returns on investment that exceed its cost of capital (WACC vs. ROIC) is a testament to its strategic and effective management.

In a world where finding well-run companies at a reasonable price is becoming increasingly challenging, CNH Industrial represents a compelling opportunity. Its blend of agricultural and construction revenue streams, combined with a history of prudent financial management, positions it as a high-potential stock under $15 worth watching. As we continue to explore opportunities that blend traditional industries with modern efficiency, CNH Industrial stands out as a beacon of potential in a transforming world.

Antero Midstream (NYSE: AM)

 Navigating the energy sector’s turbulent waters requires a keen eye for opportunity and a stomach for risk, qualities that Antero Midstream embodies as it charts a course through 2024’s uncertain energy landscape. In an industry where the only constant is change, Antero Midstream stands out as a growth-oriented beacon, poised to leverage shifts that could unsettle less agile competitors.

The energy sector’s future may be as unpredictable as the weather, but Antero Midstream’s strategic positioning allows it to ride the waves of change rather than be swamped by them. The escalating tensions in the Middle East are a case in point. Such geopolitical shifts have the power to dramatically alter the energy supply landscape, potentially propelling companies like Antero Midstream into advantageous positions almost overnight.

In a move that underscores its growth ambitions while appealing to a broader investor base, Antero Midstream recently announced an upsized $600 million offering of senior notes. This strategic financial maneuver not only strengthens the company’s balance sheet but also signals a commitment to security and stability, traits that are bound to attract conservative investors looking for safer harbors in the energy storm.

But it’s not just the promise of growth or the allure of stability that makes Antero Midstream a compelling pick; it’s also the company’s generous dividend yield of 7.5%. In a world where reliable income streams are increasingly prized, this aspect of Antero Midstream’s offering shines brightly, offering a beacon of value to income-focused investors navigating the choppy seas of the stock market.

As we round out our watchlist, Antero Midstream represents a unique blend of growth potential, strategic foresight, and income generation, making it a standout choice for those looking to energize their portfolios without breaking the bank.