Gates, Bezos, and Buffett invest in AI Keystone

This is a Keystone…

It’s one of history’s most important inventions. 

It transformed engineering in the 4th century B.C. and helped the ancient Romans amass unprecedented levels of wealth and power.  

And I want to show you how this 2,000 year old invention holds the key to capitalizing on the AI revolution.

Not this exact keystone… 

But a NEW type of Keystone.  

One that AI cannot survive without.  

I’m not talking about processing units, computer chips, or anything that Nvidia or AMD is involved with… 

This is something completely different. 

A story nobody else has connected the dots on.

I call it “The Artificial Intelligence Keystone.” 

Because without this new technology, I believe the entire AI market will collapse in upon itself like a dying star.  

And I’m not the only one…

Bill Gates, Sam Altman, Jeff Bezo, Peter Theil, even Warren Buffett are all investing hundreds of millions of dollars into this new technology.

They know, as I do, that without the Keystone, the artificial intelligence industry will never go mainstream.

It will never transform our society. 

And it will never deliver the wealth, prosperity, and innovation that you’ll see promised by those in the financial press.

I know that may sound hyperbolic. 

As you’ll see though, there’s no escaping the data.   

Even Elon Musk has warned that without the benefit that The Keystone AI can provide, artificial intelligence won’t scale.

Today, I’m going to expose everything for you. 

In this special investigation I’m going to reveal – for the first time ever – the single most important factor in the future of AI.

I’ll detail what this Keystone technology is… why it’s so critical to the future of not just AI but mankind… 

I’ll name the companies involved… 

And I’ll show you everything you need to take advantage of what could be one of the biggest financial stories of the next decade.   

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this.

Click here to read it now.

Porter Stansberry

Founder & CEO of Marketwise


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