New Trade for January 8th, 2024

FREYR Battery (NYSE:FREY): Pioneering the Next Generation of Clean Battery Technology

FREYR Battery, a leader in clean, next-generation battery technology, is making significant strides in both financial and strategic fronts. Here’s why FREYR is a stock to watch:

  • Financial Resilience: In Q3 2023, FREYR reported a net loss of $9.8 million, marking a substantial improvement over the previous year. The company boasts a robust financial position with $327.9 million in cash and no debt.
  • Strategic Milestones: FREYR is actively achieving its strategic objectives, including completing the U.S. relocation process for indexing requirements and exploring real options like potential partnerships.
  • Giga America Project: The company is finalizing production line start-up packages and raising project-level capital for its ambitious Giga America project.
  • EU Innovation Fund Grant: A significant achievement for FREYR is securing a €100 million grant from the EU Innovation Fund for its Giga Arctic project in Norway. This funding highlights the importance of batteries in the energy transition.
  • Giga Arctic Facility: The 29 GWh capacity Giga Arctic facility, powered by renewable hydropower, is set to revolutionize clean battery production.
  • Leadership and Innovation: FREYR is strengthening its capabilities with strategic management changes. Dr. Andreas Bentzen as CTO, Ryuta Kawaguchi as CSO, and Mike Brose’s key role in Mo i Rana underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


FREYR Battery is at the forefront of the clean battery technology revolution. With its strong financial standing, strategic advancements, and commitment to sustainability, FREYR is well-positioned for future growth and innovation in the clean technology sector.

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