2024 Bull Run: 3 Stock Splits to Watch

In the world of investing, few events hold as much allure or cause as much buzz as a stock split. While these events are primarily accounting tactics with no inherent effect on a company’s valuation, they are often catalysts for dramatic increases in share value. 

Consider Apple Inc.’s 7-for-1 split in 2014. Riding high on the success of the iPhone, investors clamored for a piece of the pie, driving the share price up by an impressive 36% in just the first year following the split. Then there were the two consecutive 2-for-1 splits by Microsoft in 1999 and 2003 during a tech boom, which led to a staggering triple-digit percentage increase in share prices. 

“Stock splits have a fascinating psycho-economic effect. They don’t change the real value of a company, but they significantly alter public perception, making the stocks more accessible and enticing to smaller investors,” says Rebecca Kington, Senior Analyst at Money Matters Investment Group.

Lastly, let’s remember Visa. Its 2015 split saw a 34% increase the first year post-split, sending a clear signal on the potential gains investors could realize from such corporate maneuvers. 

 These historical examples of stock splits provide tantalizing glimpses of the lucrative opportunities that could lie ahead in the 2024 market and beyond.

So let’s jump in…

Which companies are gearing up for a split in 2024?

The big words on the street for potential stock splits in 2024 are none other than Alphabet (GOOGL), Tesla, and Amazon. Each of these corporations have historically exhibited and continue to display strong growth trajectories, offering promising occasions for savvy investors. 

1. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) 

Alphabet, the parent organization of Google, has shown strong growth over the years since its inception. With a split incoming, the company’s reach and appetite for embracing innovative technologies and solutions suggest a promising outlook. As highlighted by Forbes in 2023, Alphabet’s “venturing into pioneering fields such as AI, cloud computing, and digital advertising leave the firm with expansive growth opportunities.”(Forbes, 2023) 

2. Tesla Inc. 

Under the ingenious leadership of Elon Musk, Tesla has usually disrupted types of businesses – from electric vehicles to solar energy solutions. Its imminent split signifies an opportunity for investors to acquire a piece of this continually innovating corporation. As stated in a 2023 report by Bloomberg, “Tesla’s commitment to sustainable energy and its new ventures in AI and automation reflect an upward trajectory that investors may find too attractive to ignore.” (Bloomberg, 2023) 

3. Amazon Inc. 

Amazon, a cornerstone in e-commerce and Cloud services, has shown immense growth in recent years to become one of the world’s largest corporations. Their upcoming split hints at making its shares more accessible to retail investors. According to a 2023 Business Insider report, “If the patterns of Amazon’s track record continue into 2024 and beyond, this stock split could amplify investors’ portfolios significantly.”(Business Insider, 2023) 

Final Thoughts

The historical instances of substantial gains following stock splits provide a compelling narrative on the enormous opportunities that lie ahead in 2024. 

Consider the potential growth trajectory for Alphabet (GOOGL), Tesla, and Amazon. Each company has showcased innovative strides in their respective fields and poised to further entrench their market positions. More specifically, Alphabet’s continued dominance in internet services, Tesla’s trailblazing efforts in sustainable transportation, and Amazon’s unparalleled reach in eCommerce and cloud services are all powerful indicators pointing towards future progress and growth. 

As an observer of market trends, I see a myriad of opportunities in this rapidly evolving investment landscape. As I delve deeper into the analysis, I’m more confident in the potential upsides of these forthcoming stock splits. I believe that they have the propensity to yield lucrative returns, providing a unique opportunity for exponential growth while balancing the inherent risks. It is worth considering that while a stock split doesn’t fundamentally change a company’s intrinsic value, it definitely enhances market perception and liquidity, making the stocks more accessible to a wider array of investors. 


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