3 Stocks to Buy with $50

The stock market, as economist Burton Malkiel famously stated, is a “random walk down Wall Street.” Its movements, unpredictable and volatile, are subjected to a slew of factors ranging from macroeconomic policies to geopolitical tensions. As we step into 2024, the landscape of investing appears more bewildering than ever. Recovering from the pandemic-induced volatility, punctuated by new economic challenges, the equities market continues to be an intricate labyrinth that investors must grapple with. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into this. As per a recent report by the World Bank, the global economy is anticipated to expand by 4.1% by the end of 2024. A tangible air of optimism, despite palpable uncertainty. Yet various studies elucidate that the market remains robust, exhibiting an upward trajectory in the long run. This makes it an opportune time for potential buyers to start investing – even small amounts can pave the way to substantial returns over time. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), a key yardstick of market health, rose by 7% in the last year, continuing an upward trend that started 12 years ago. Nasdaq, too, closed significantly high, with a WHOPPING annual return of 29%. Much of that growth has been driven by behemoths like the FAANG stocks, but now smaller, lesser-known stocks are catching wind.

It’s not about riding the highs and lows; it’s about strategic, informed decisions where even a $50 investment could yield noteworthy results. 

Stick with us as we unveil these three “no-brainer” picks where your $50 could go a long way.

NuScale Energy (SMR)

Our first choice is NuScale Energy. This firm is making waves in the small modular reactor (SMR) industry, pioneering a new age of nuclear power. One of the leading contenders in this space, NuScale Energy plans to deploy its first 720 MWe power plant as early as 2027. What sets this company apart is its innovative approach to nuclear energy. The company’s power plants are designed to be smaller, simpler, and safer than traditional nuclear power plants, while still offering the same power generation capacity. This has large implications for cost-effectiveness and accessibility of nuclear power.  

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Sirius XM Holdings (SIRI)

The second investment opportunity lies with Sirius XM Holdings. Despite the popularity of on-demand music streaming services, Sirius XM – a satellite radio company – continues to hold its ground. The company posted revenue of $8.1 billion for the fiscal year ending December 2023, representing a nearly 6% increase from the prior year. Sirius XM offers a unique content bundle that includes music, sports, talk shows, and more, setting it apart from its competition. The company’s enduring growth and stability make it an attractive speculation. 

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Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (TDS)

Last but not least, we have Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. (TDS). TDS is a diversified telecommunications company offering a wide range of services, including wireless, cable and wireline broadband, and TV entertainment services. Even as it faces stiff competition from larger industry players, TDS has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the market. The company’s 2023 revenues were over $5.5 billion, a commendable feat given the market conditions. Despite its smaller size relative to other telecommunications giants, TDS square off the competition with its customer-centric approach and wide service location base. These unique factors make it another strong contender for your investment portfolio. 

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Each of these companies offers a unique value proposition. NuScale Energy’s innovative approach to nuclear power, Sirius XM’s unique content bundle and enduring stability, and TDS’s customer-focused direction in a challenging market are underlying reasons for their inclusion in this list. They each represent an opportunity to buy into a company with a solid foundation and a promising future. With a diversified approach that spans across various industries, these stocks can offer an investor the potential for significant returns.