China to attack the Dollar on Jan. 6?

I’m issuing an urgent red alert about a coming event that will devastate the US dollar.

My intelligence sources tell me that China plans to announce a gold-backed yuan as soon as January 6, 2024.

Once launched, this “golden yuan” will incentivize nations across the globe to abandon trading in US dollars and switch to yuan instead.

Countries have lost confidence in the dollar after the US froze Russia’s dollar reserves. China is exploiting this distrust to overtake the dollar’s dominance.

Backing the yuan with gold would drain trillions of dollars from the US economy. Our stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts would crash as trade shifts to the yuan.

Stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts denominated in dollars would crash in value. The dollar itself would plummet compared to other currencies.

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Dylan Jovine

Chairman, Behind the Markets