New Trade for October 17th, 2023

The September jobs report presents a double-edged sword for the Federal Reserve, intensifying the discussion about rising interest rates and its impact on stocks. While a robust labor market keeps people content and eases pressure on policymakers, the flip side is the potential for inflationary pressures. This equation of more dollars chasing fewer goods is not what the central bank wants.

Balancing inflation control and economic stability is a delicate task for the Fed.  In today’s trade alert, we’ll focus on a desirable name considering the current climate…

MetLife (MET)

Despite a recent 14% dip in its stock price, Global insurance provider MetLife could shine in a rising interest rate environment.

The COVID-19 crisis has made people more conscious of life’s uncertainties, benefiting insurers like MetLife. Its stock is attractively valued at just 6.75x forward earnings, lower than most peers. Plus, it offers a 3.35% forward yield with a sustainable payout ratio of 22.51%.

Analysts give MET a strong buy rating with a $77.64 target, suggesting a potential 25% upside.

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