Forget ChatGPT; These Robotics Names Are The Future Of AI

AI is so prevalent in society that anyone with a smartphone already interacts with it daily. We know it’s here to stay, and we always see new advancements. 

Think about the history of technology and how many milestones AI has already been compared to

– The Space Race 

– The Industrial Revolution and the Automobile 

– Personal Computing and the Internet Era 

– Turn of the Century (both 20th and 21st) Healthcare Breakthroughs 

Although just a few came to mind, each example above gave way to the American Dream. In other words, those are all noteworthy technological periods that we found a way to profit from. What happens when all of them can now, in turn, be improved by Artificial Intelligence? 

Well, if something actually wields that much power and it’s true that history, then it’s safe to say that AI will offer enormous profits, but only to those who are wise enough to invest in it… 

National Instruments Corp (NATI) 

Amidst the surging tide of modern-day technological advancements, National Instruments (NATI) occupies a respectable position in the realm of automated test and measurement systems. Automation systems are indispensable in refining the potential of robotics, making NAVI a relevant player in tech. It’s technically a stock we should probably own by now if we don’t, and we shouldn’t doubt its potential, either. A dividend always helps, too… 

A recent agreement was made with Emerson Electric (EMR) to acquire NATI’s stock at $60 per share, reflecting an enterprise value added to its market cap, making for an $8.2 billion overall market valuation. Anticipated to conclude during the initial half of 2024 and adhering to disciplined closing criteria, this holds significant promise for both organizations involved and their respective shareholders. 

NATI stock is up year-to-date by 59.65% (at the time of this writing) and has consistently traded near the top of its 52-week range. NATI has plenty of financial strength to hold it steady; it has a positive SMA (simple moving average), a positive ROE (return on equity), and has grown in assets by 9%, with a same-period 42.44% growth in momentum. Boasting a 1.33x PEG (price/earnings to growth) ratio, NATI most recently reported Q2 year-over-year growth in critical areas like revenue (+5.38%), net income (+145.23%), EPS (+155.86%), and net profit margin (+133.12%). During the same earnings call, NATI’s reported revenue beat analysts’ estimates by 5.59%. NATI has an annual dividend yield of 1.90% and a quarterly payout of 28 cents ($1.12/year) per share, with an 82.96% payout ratio. With a 10-day volume of 1.2 million shares, NATI has a consensus price target of $60 implying a 1.94% price increase. NATI has hit many new highs, with only slight dips over time. 

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Samsara Inc (IOT) 

Samsara (IOT) is one of the architects of this narrative. Committed to enhancing the management of complex tasks, from sprawling factories to vast warehouses and extensive auto fleets, IOT orchestrates a

harmonious symphony of technology. At its core, the Internet of Things (IoT) brings together a network of interconnected devices facilitated by IOT’s innovative robotic systems to communicate freely while using real-time data. Within the robotics world, these harmonies play an essential role, enabling the already very able AI-infused robots to gather environmental data and communicate seamlessly for unmatched 

efficiency and safety; this makes IOT pretty relevant, as what they do is almost singular in nature. 

IOT is up by a whopping 87.85% year-to-date, yet it is still trading around the middle of its existing 52-week range. With a positive SMA and ROE, IOT shows 3.47% TTM asset growth and a 38.55% TTM momentum measure. At its Q2 earnings call, IOT beat analysts’ revenue and EPS projections (earnings per share) by 6.43% and 58.42%, respectively. During the same time, IOT reported year-over-year growth in 

critical areas like revenue (+43.24%), net income (+4.41%), and net profit margin (+33.27%). With a 10-day trading volume of 1.78 million shares, IOT has a median price target of $33, representing a potential price upside of 23%

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Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) 

Qualcomm (QCOM) emerges last on today’s list as an exceptional investment choice, illuminating the path toward a wireless era in robotics and various AI applications. Renowned for being adept in establishing flawless connectivity for mobile devices, QCOM has seamlessly extended its expertise into the realm of robotics, where real-time communication is the lifeblood of groundbreaking progress. 

A visionary ecosystem takes shape, where finely-tuned robots make quick, informed decisions through seamless wireless interplay. QCOM’s transformative and fascinating robot tech brings the high concept to fruition, empowering robots to engage, cooperate, and accomplish unprecedented feats of AI’s abilities. QCOM has also achieved a milestone by shattering records with its Snapdragon X75, attaining staggering 7.5 Gbps download speeds, and is a pioneer in going the distance with this incredible technology. 

QCOM’s stock is up year-to-date ever-so-slightly by 0.11%; there’s some potential, though, because it’s still trading at its existing 52-week range. QCOM has a positive SMA and a positive TTM growth in assets. With a 1.17x PEG ratio, QCOM surpassed analysts’ projections for Q2, reporting EPS of $1.87 per share vs. $1.81 as expected. Set to its Q3 results on November 1st, QCOM is projected to report $8.8 billion in sales with an EPS of $1.94; this also comes with a 3-5 year estimated 33.4% growth rate. QCOM has an annual dividend yield of 2.90% and a quarterly payout of 80 cents ($3.20/year) per share. With a 10-day average volume of 9.79 million shares, QCOM has a median price target of $140, representing a 23% upside from the current price. 

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