The Cold, Hard Truth About A.I. Stocks

I’ve broken some of the biggest financial stories of the last 25 years. 

In 2000, I warned investors the dot-com bubble was about to pop. In ‘08, I said the U.S. housing market was about to collapse. I did the same with pot stocks and cryptos a few years ago too. 

The mainstream media ridiculed me for each of my predictions. But each time I was proven right. And while investors who ignored my research saw their wealth decimated… those who listened often made fortunes. 

Today, I’m warning of another looming catastrophe.

Only this time, it’s not in pot stocks, cryptos, or U.S. housing… it’s in artificial intelligence. And unless you know what’s really going on in this sector, you could be wiped out.

You see, while there is no doubt that the recent advancements in artificial intelligence are game-changing and will drive colossal innovation in every sector of the economy… 

There’s also no escaping that The Big AI Die-Up is coming

Consider this:

Artificial intelligence ETFs are exploding in popularity. 

There are now 36 AI ETFs available and billions of dollars have poured into these funds as investors hope to strike it rich on AI stocks. And while you may think this is bullish… it’s the opposite. 

Between 1999 and 2000, money managers launched 136 new tech funds and ETFs to capitalize on the dot-com craze. Billions flooded in… and within a year  the NASDAQ was down 77%. 

What are the units on the y-axis? Should be points, not $

Same story with U.S. housing in 2007.

In the lead up to the Great Financial Crisis, 37 new real estate funds were launched. Just a few months later, investors were sitting on more than $2 trillion in losses.  

Or take the The Magazine Cover Indicator. 

One of the surest signs a market trend is about to reverse. 

Simply put, whenever major magazines like Time or The Economist jump on a trend, it signals the end and it could be time to do the opposite. 

Case in point, two Citibank analysts studied 50 Economist covers that reported on an investing idea or trend in either a bullish or bearish light.

They found 68% of the covers were wrong within one year of publication and that doing the opposite of what was recommended would have delivered returns that beat the average hedge fund. 

This year, The Economist released an issue called AI’s New Frontier.  

It’s another sign that artificial intelligence is fast approaching what I call The Big Die-Up –an imminent event could send artificial intelligence and tech stocks crashing by 50% or more. 

Yet nobody is warning you of what’s coming. Until now. 

I’ve just released an urgent report on this Big AI Die-Up

Inside you’ll discover exactly how this crisis will unfold… how you can prepare for it before it’s too late… and how you can potentially profit from it too. 

You’ll get the names of the stocks to avoid… the companies to buy instead… plus potentially the single best investment you can make, what I call The Trade of the Decade. 

You can read it here at no cost.

I urge you to hurry, though…

There’s no telling when this disaster could hit. It may be this week, next month, even next year. Nobody can predict exactly when it’s coming… all I know for certain is that it’s virtually inevitable.

And if you wait until it arrives to prepare, it’ll already be too late.

So go here now to read my new report The Big AI Die-Up… while you still can.

Porter Stansberry


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