Stock Hotlist: Top Picks to Watch Now

Picking the wrong stocks can decimate your portfolio.

They’re pure portfolio poison.  

But the right stocks…

If you pick the right stocks, you could find yourself jumping for joy on top of an enormous pile of cash.

With over 4000 tickers to choose from, finding the right at the right time can prove to be nearly impossible… 

Unless you’re spending hours each day combing the markets and researching companies.  

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you.  

We sort through thousands of stock ideas and whittle them down to a few top choices that are primed for solid price action in the coming days, weeks and months.  

This week, we’ve narrowed it down to three stocks that could be getting significant attention in the near future.

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) 

With a history of exceeding analysts’ expectations, MSFT’s upcoming quarterly report will likely include a promising outlook. Focusing on software applications like MS Office and offering data storage, the company provides cost-effective cloud-based solutions. Software aside, MSFT’s expansion into the gaming industry and strategic early investment in OpenAI position it now at the forefront of the AI transformation. By integrating OpenAI into its products and launching applications like CoPilot, Microsoft demonstrates its commitment to innovation. MSFT offers substantial growth potential as AI continues to shape the future of computing. 

MSFT is up year-to-date by 37.90%, with a positive SMA (simple moving average), a positive ROE (return on equity), TTM (trailing twelve-month) asset growth of 12.92%, and a surprisingly safe 0.91 beta score. For the current quarter, MSFT is projected to report $55 billion in sales at $2.59 per share, with a 3-5 year EPS growth rate of 21.3%. With more than $42 billion in free cash flow, MSFT has a 0.82% annual dividend yield and a quarterly payout of 68 cents ($2.72/year) per share. With a 10-day average volume of roughly 40 million shares, MSFT has a median price target of $400, with a high of $450 and a low of $232, indicating enough room for its price to jump by 36%. MSFT has 44 buy ratings and nine hold ratings

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FMC Corp (FMC) 

There have been recent notable successes for FMC Corp. (FMC), such as a significant 28% growth in North American revenue, including exceptional growth of over 100% in Canada sales. Considering the long-term perspective, FMC is positioned to benefit from the steady increase in emerging market food consumption. Additionally, FMC’s new biological products are expected to gain market share, and the development of pipeline products can help mitigate the impact of patent expirations. With rising demand for crop chemicals and FMC’s strategic initiatives, the stock presents a compelling opportunity. 

FMC is currently down by 22.88% year-to-date yet carries a volatility-safe beta score of 0.76. Trading near the bottom of its existing 52-week range, FMC has a PEG (price/earnings/growth) ratio of 0.64x and a P/S (price to sales) ratio of 2.08x, with a positive ROE and trailing twelve-month asset growth of 7.59%. FMC has an annual dividend yield of 2.14%, with a quarterly payout of 58 cents ($2.32/year) per share. For the current fiscal quarter, FMC is projected to report $1 billion in sales at $0.76 per share. FMC recently beat analysts’ EPS estimates, reporting $1.77 per share vs. $1.75 as expected. With a 10-day average volume of roughly 2 million shares, FMC has an average price target of $121, with a high of $142 and a low of $101; this suggests a potential price upside of 47.5%. FMC has 15 buy ratings and four hold ratings

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Rio Tinto PLC (RIO) 

Rio Tinto (RIO) presents an intriguing opportunity for those seeking a balanced risk-reward profile in gold mining stocks. As a stalwart in resource extraction, RIO boasts a market cap of over $107 billion and significant relevancies beyond gold. While shares have experienced an 11% decline since the beginning of the year, they have shown a nearly 10% increase in the past 365 days. RIO offers value, with a net margin of 22.31%, surpassing 86% of the field. RIO’s profitability contributes to its impressive dividend, particularly relative to its pricing. This compelling combination makes RIO an excellent gold mining stock to consider. 

RIO’s stock is down year-to-date by 3.08%, is trading near the bottom of its existing range (which leaves room for growth), and has a surprisingly volatility-safe beta measure of 0.73. RIO has a positive ROE (return on equity), a P/S (price to sales) ratio of 2.02x, and a P/B (price to book) ratio of 2.23x. For the current fiscal quarter, RIO is expected to show an EPS of $3.96 per share, quarterly EPS growth of 34.97%, and a 3-5 year EPS growth rate of 21.4%. RIO has a free cash flow of $7.36 billion and a 10-day average trading volume of 2.61 million shares. With a 13.17% annual dividend yield, RIO distributes a quarterly payout of $2.27 ($9.08/year) per share and a generous 89.75% payout ratio. As assigned by analysts, RIO has a median price target of $76.85, with a high of $92 and a low of $74; this suggests a potential price upside of 33.3%. RIO has three buy ratings and one hold rating.

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