3 Cheap Uranium Stocks and Why it’s OK to Ignore the Controversy

Many of us know that nuclear energy is a rather hot topic on which we seem to be split. The industry’s controversy comes from safety concerns and waste— but perhaps these fears are simply misguided. For instance, uranium is an outstanding energy resource, and with the rising global demand for clean energy, the uranium market and potential investors should be shining with excitement

Understandably, there are ethical concerns. However, that is not what nuclear companies are trying to perpetuate. We should strongly consider collectively moving away from the negativity because embracing nuclear energy instead is a wise move. Robust safety measures make nuclear power plants secure, while their consistent supply frees us from fossil fuel dependence. For the more ambitious among us eager to reap profits and make a positive impact, uranium is a thrilling prospect. The stocks I’ve found today are dirt cheap and offer incredible future returns, which is also pretty compelling. 

That said, I’ll now focus on some key metrics from these profitable uranium tickers. Join me:

Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) 

Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) is involved in uranium mining and related activities, encompassing exploration, extraction, and processing of uranium and titanium concentrates. UEC operations span the U.S., Canada, and Paraguay, with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. UEC is down by 32.22% YTD, perhaps a buy-the-dip opportunity. With a $1 billion market cap, UEC shows TTM revenue of $115.19 million at $0.07 per share, from which it made $19.94 million via a 17.31% profit margin. UEC has TTM asset growth of 142.65%, and hedge fund interest has increased, collectively adding 2.6 million shares last quarter. With a P/B ratio of 1.61x, UEC shows YOY growth in revenue (+263.36%), net income (+298.98%), EPS (+250%), net profit margin (+154.75%), and operating income (+322.77%). UEC has a free cash flow of $30.94 million and a 10-day average trading volume of 3.13 million shares. UEC has a median price target of $6.80, with an $8 high and a $5.75 low, representing a potential 204% jump from its current position. Buy and Hold

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Denison Mines Corp (DNN) 

Denison Mines Corp. (DNN) specializes in uranium exploration and development. DNN holds interests in various projects, including Wheeler River, McClean Lake and Mill, Waterbury, Hook-Carter, and Midwest. DNN operates primarily through these mining projects. Down by 7.39% YTD, DNN has a $905 million market cap, with TTM revenue of $13.9 million at $0.02 per share, a 1.35 beta figure, a P/B ratio (MRQ) of 2.84x, and a remarkably low 0.12% D/E measure. DNN most recently beat analysts’ EPS forecasts by nearly 500%, shows a current price ROC of 0.94, and an investing cash flow of $7.78 million. With a 10-day average volume of 2.28 million shares, DNN has a median price target of $2.01, with a high of $3.89 and a low of $1.11; this suggests a potential price increase of a whopping 265% over where it is presently positioned. Buy and Hold

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Ur-Energy Inc (URG) 

Ur-Energy, Inc. (URG) is a mining company focused on mineral property development and exploration. URG’s portfolio encompasses such endeavors as the Lost Creek uranium project, the Lost Soldier property, the Shirley Basin mine site, and the Lucky McMine project. Currently, down by 20.43% YTD and trading at the bottom of its existing 52-week range, URG has a $346.62 million market cap, with TTM revenue of $6.47 million at $0.03 per share, and is forecasted to produce $3.2 million in sales for the current quarter. With 23.73% asset growth (TTM), URG has a P/B ratio of 2.59x and an attractive D/E of 10.47%. Analysts forecast lucrative next-quarter revenue growth (+113,931%) for URG, and it shows existing YOY growth in net income (+89.71%), EPS (+100%), and operating income (+37.81%). With a 10-day average trading volume of roughly 890,725 shares, URG’s median price target is $2.25, with a $3.51 high and a $1.67 low, allowing room for a stunning potential upside of more than 283% from current pricing. Buy and Hold.

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