Three Stocks to Avoid Now

Seeking out great stocks to buy is important, but identifying quality investments is only half the battle.  Many would say it’s just as essential for investors to know which stocks to steer clear of.  A losing stock can eat away at your precious long-term returns.  By taking a proactive approach to avoiding losing stocks, you can set yourself up for greater success in your investing journey.

Even the best gardens need pruning and our team has spotted a few stocks that seem like prime candidates for selling or avoiding.  Read on to find out why we believe these particular stocks are poor investment choices and learn how to apply our analysis to your own portfolio management strategy…

Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) 

The photovoltaic specialist obviously carries significant implications for the solar energy industry.  With society gravitating toward clean and renewable energy solutions, ASTI should be enjoying extraordinary relevance. Unfortunately, its narrative hasn’t been so fortunate. Year to date, ASTI share price is down 83%. In the trailing year, it’s down almost 97%.   Glaringly, its three-year revenue growth rate sits at 90.3% below parity. Profit margins have slipped to ridiculously negative rates while the balance sheet is a mess. warns that Ascent solar is a possible value trap.  

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Adeia (ADEA)

Adeia is an intellectual property licensing firm with a fairly low forward dividend yield of 1.89%.  Taking into account downside risk,  questionable whether the company can maintain its current rate of payout.  Sell-side analysts anticipate ADEA’s earnings will fall by nearly 30% this year.  If management’s plan to maximize its portfolio fails, not only could its payout get cut to ribbons. This may result in a steady decline for ADEA stock as well.

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Meta Materials (MMAT) 

Semiconductor company Meta Materials develops and produces functional materials and nanocomposites, particularly in lithium battery materials.  The micro-cap company is losing far more money than it’s bringing in.  In the fourth quarter MMAT reported revenues of $1.4 million and operating expenses of $24.8 million. The company posted a net earnings loss of $79.1 million for the entire year.

Not to mention, the company is  embroiled in litigation on accusations of involvement in “spoofing, naked short selling, market manipulation, and fraud.” Meta Materials share price is down 81% this year, falling to less than 25 cents per share. 

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