Good Time to Buy: 3 REITS with High Yields to Buy ASAP

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) – which I enjoy covering from time to time – are gaining momentum in today’s market. They can withstand inflation well and often offer lucrative dividends. REITs have expanded rapidly over the past few decades and have a market valuation of around $1.6 trillion. For all the reasons we’re used to hearing, REITs took a big hit from the pandemic. However, the industry rebounded in 2021, delivering much-welcome returns to investors. 

REITs have historically done well during times of inflation; their resilience is something to treasure. Research shows that REITs outperformed global markets for consecutive fiscal years from February 28th, 2005, to July 31st, 2022, which is an impressive streak. Robust dividend yields largely make REITs safe investment choices now since they manage to provide perpetual relief not based on economic status but the number of shares owned. Although I’ve covered REITs before, I pledge to implement a unique approach this go-around. I hope this list can be helpful for at least one of my readers. Enjoy!

Join me as I break down these stocks and why I chose them. Analysts concede that this is an opportune time to buy these tickers that can strengthen our portfolios:

American Tower Corp (AMT)

American Tower Corporation (AMT) is a U.S.-based real estate investment trust that owns and operates wireless and broadcast communication networks nationwide. AMT was most recently ranked 410th on the Fortune 500 list. AMT proudly owns approximately 220,000 communications sites, including 27,494 in the U.S. and Canada29,722 in Europe74,813 in Asia, 45,816 in Latin America, and 21,455 in AfricaAMT was founded in 1995, with its headquarters in Boston. With the support of 6,378 employeesAMT is currently run by CEO Tom Bartlett.

For Q2 2022, AMT reported a 7% growth in its AFFO (Adjusted Funds From Operations), $915.3 million in operating cash flow, and $545.2 million in free cash flow. So far this year, AMT’s earnings reports have demolished Wall Street’s EPS expectations by 102.94% (Q2) and 43.78% (Q1)AMT has consistently raised its dividends for the past 11 years. AMT currently has a dividend yield of 3.02%, with an attractive quarterly shareholder payment of $1.47 per share. Analysts who offer yearly stock price estimates have given AMT a median price target of 258.00, with a high estimate of 347.00 and a low of 204.00. That would be 32.56% up from current pricing, and AMT’s buy rating carries a lot of validation. For instance, 52 hedge funds are along for the ride, collectively holding a total of $4.37 billion in stakes.

Welltower Inc (WELL)

Welltower Inc (WELL) is a rather formidable name in the world of real estate investment, and healthcare infrastructure is genuinely developing thanks to the firm. WELL partners with top operators of senior housing and post-acute care facilities and then invests in the required infrastructure. WELL also runs senior accommodations, post-acute communities, and outpatient medical facilities independently. These are centered in important, high-growth regions in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. WELL’s revenue in 2021 placed it at 630 on the Fortune 1000 for that yearWELL was founded by Bruce Thompson and Frederic D. Wolfe in 1970 as the first healthcare-focused REIT and is now one of – if not the – biggest healthcare-related real estate investment trusts in the world. WELL was founded in 1970, and its headquarters are in Toledo, Ohio. 

WELL’s metrics can explain why the stock has grown in popularity. WELL has beaten quarterly revenue projections for four consecutive quarters, which isn’t easy during a period of inflation. With 26 hedge funds owning stakes in the businessWELL’s year-over-year growth holds up against scrutiny: Revenue +29.06%;  Net Income +241.94%;  EPS +233.33%;  and Net Profit Margin comes in at +165.22%WELL currently boasts a dividend yield of 4.06%, and the quarterly payout is 61 cents per share. According to the analysts who offer annual pricing projections, WELL has a median price target of 79.50, with a high of 111.00 and a low of 61.00. This indicates a 32.30% increase over its most recent number; analysts are also responsible for WELL’s well-earned buy rating, and their enthusiasm seems to be appropriate. 

Crown Castle Inc (CCI)

Crown Castle Inc (CCI) is an ambitious business in how it operates, and I was convinced relatively early in my research that this one was my closer. CCI owns, manages, and rents out more than 40,000 cell towers and roughly 80,000 route miles of fiber in every major U.S. market, supporting small cells and fiber solutions. CCI has created a countrywide communications network that does incredible things for us. CCI’s network connects cities and towns to critical technology, data, ideas, and innovations. CCI is the largest independent builder of wireless cell towers in the U.S., with approximately 40,000 towers in its portfolio. CCI was founded in 1994, and its headquarters are in Houston, Texas.

CCI has 48 hedge funds behind it that collectively own stakes worth roughly $1.42 billion. That should at least tell us, “Hey, there must be something special about CCI.” Well, let’s check it out: Year-over-year growth is very positive in practically every business performance category. To not flood you with numbers, I’ll point to the areas in which CCI has excelled: Revenue, EPS, Net Income, Net Profit Margin, Operating Income, EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, and Cost of Revenue. Regarding earnings, CCI has been consistent in that they’ve almost always met (once) or exceeded (every other time) analysts’ projections each quarter. CCI currently has a 4.95% dividend with a nice quarterly payout of $1.56 per share. The analysts who provide 12-month price projections give CCI a median price target of 153.00, with a high of 230.00 and a low of 130.00. This represents a 21% increase from its most recent price. Many analysts who work on consensus price targets also rate stocks, and the consensus gives CCI a buy rating that all of us stateside cell phone owners can’t simply forget.

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