Part 2: Three More Dividend-Payers for Our October Portfolios

It’s self-explanatory by now, but I’ll put it briefly: A prudent approach to investing in the dividend sector has proven to help investors secure their portfolios from unsettling events. We must consider this, especially amid recession fears and increasing inflation. Many firms offer investors quarterly dividends on their stocks. Additionally, when investors carefully reinvest dividend money, the force of compounding may dramatically improve earnings so long as said funds are wisely invested.

Given the current state of the market, investors with a long-term perspective have several excellent dividend businesses; I think that when accounting for market uncertainty, it would be wise to maintain our calm attitude and not to allow the stress to boil over; I’d hate to see the bulls and bears engage in a civil war and come to blows on CNBC after the Shark Tank re-runs. 

Even if the Fed continues to hike rates, which might result in higher borrowing costs, many companies have solid financials that could continue to expand earnings. Even if increasing interest rates make dividend payouts less appealing, that will change as the economy continues its recovery.

PART 2: I’ll break down three more dividend stocks I like that pay substantial dividends and have solid reputations with economists. Consider adding these to your portfolio today: 

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) is a global financial services corporation – JPM provides customers with investments, lending products, payments, cash management, and residential mortgage loans.JPM offers custody, fund accounting and management, and securities lending commodities for money managers and insurance companies. JPM’s responsibilities include corporate strategy, capital-raising services, loan origination and syndication, payments, and cross-border financing. In addition, JPM offers ATM, internet and mobile banking, and telephonic payment systems.

JPM is a pretty hefty bank, and we hear its name often. JPM’s status as a financial institution carries some influence and brings even more loyal clients. Although JPM doesn’t report again until the last quarter of the year, it currently shows forecasted current-quarter sales of a whopping 61 billion dollars, with a hefty EPS of $5.07 per share. Analysts indicate revenue growth to pick up strongly on both a quarterly and annual basis. JPM has a current dividend yield of 3.52%, with a quarterly payout of $1.00 per share. 

Chevron Corp (CVX)

Chevron Corp (CVX)  operates in the energy and chemicals industries worldwide. It’s involved in the exploration, innovation, generation, and shipping of crude oil and natural gas, as well as transportation via pipelines; CVX specializes in the refining of crude oil into petroleum products, the marketing of crude oil, the manufacture of renewable fuels, and the transportation of crude oil and refined products via virtually any reasonable transportation means necessary. CVX produces commodity petrochemicals, industrial polymers, and gasoline and lubricant additives. ChevronTexaco Corporation was CVX‘s last name before changing to Chevron Corp in 2005. CVX was founded in 1879 and is based in San Ramon, CA.

CVX is a company that is no stranger to boasting solid financials in the face of adversity – even during tumultuous times similar to what we’ve been experiencing for the past couple of years or so. CVX most recently exceeded Wall Street’s EPS and revenue projections by considerable margins of 15.68% and 19.19%, respectively. Year-over-year, CVX’s growth numbers are excellent: Revenue – 81%; Net Income – 277.09%; EPS – 271.88%; Net Profit Margin – 108.44%CVX, at this time, boasts a dividend yield of 3.60%, with a quarterly shareholder payout of $1.42 per share. The median 12-month price target for CVX from analysts providing annual forecasts is 180.00, with a high of 202.00 and a low of 150.00The estimate is up 13.97% from the last price, and CVX comes with a buy rating, undoubtedly well-earned.

Regions Financial Corp (RF)

Regions Financial Corporation (RF) provides commercial banking services such as commercial and industrial banking, as well as commercial real estate. Equipment leasing, loan syndication, mergers & acquisitions, and other consulting services are available. RF offers consumer banking options and services such as first mortgages, credit cards, and other consumer loan offerings.  RF’s services include retirement planning, capital management, and estate preparation. RF operates a network of 1,300 banking locations and 2,000 ATMs spanning the South and Midwest. RF was first established in 1971 and is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

RF has an impressive track record, given the various circumstances American and global economies face. A rather noticeable accomplishment is that RF conquered EPS forecasts for its last two earnings reports: margins of 10.25%, and 16.26%, respectively. In this most recent quarter, RF surpassed sales expectations by 4.28%, which has otherwise been a bit of a weak spot for RF. For the current quarter, guidance shows $1.8 billion in sales, at 59 cents per shareRF presently holds a dividend yield of 3.76%, with a quarterly payout of 20 cents per share.  The analysts offering yearly price forecasts for RF have a median price target of 24.40, with a high of 30.00 and a low of 20.00The estimate represents a 14.61% increase over current pricing, and RF’s buy rating is iron-clad.

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