America’s No. 1 Favorite Investment (Is Robbing You Blind)

Cold War hero speaks out: “This is the greatest scam affecting Americans today.”

“$20 trillion in U.S. household wealth is invested in a total scam.”

Those aren’t my words.

They’re the words of retired Lt. Col. Michael J. Carr, U.S. Air Force, CMT, CFTe.

Mike’s been everywhere. Inside the Pentagon. On Wall Street.

He’s seen it all.

And 10 years ago, he explained to me how America’s favorite investment is robbing our people blind.

I didn’t want to believe it at first…

But once he showed me the evidence, I couldn’t dispute it.

I urge every American with retirement savings to watch this video.

In it, Mike exposes this scam once and for all … while revealing a conservative, low-risk “replacement” strategy that can cut your risk to the bone, while delivering better returns than investing directly in stocks.

If you have any money inside the stock market, watch it now.