3 Low-Cost, Reputable Dividend-Payers to Buy Now

For the last several months, markets have withstood several forms of pressure that seemed to start with the pandemic’s arrival. To make matters worse, sanctions against Russia and supply issues from Ukraine have caused the Russian invasion to strain the economy on a global scale. 

There have been some positive developments recently, amid worries about inflation and recession. The S&P 500 increased by 9.1% in July, the most in the previous two yearsIn contrast to the consensus projection of 250,000, U.S. businesses added 372,000 jobs in June. Even in these challenging economic times, several reasonably priced stocks with solid fundamentals have emerged as fantastic buying opportunities. I dug around in the $20-$30 range and have narrowed it down to three I like the most.

With that said, join me as I break down three bargain-priced tickers that pay dividends and boast strong financials. Experts agree that these make for timely additions to our portfolios:

Teck Resources Ltd (TECK)

Teck Resources Limited (TECK) is an energy/mining firm that acquires, develops, and produces natural resources throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Among TECK‘s main products are coal, gold, lead, silver, zinc, chemicals, fertilizers, and other metals. TECK also manufactures indium and germanium. TECK has stakes in development and exploration projects in Ireland, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, and the U.S. Teck Resources Limited replaced Teck Cominco Limited as TECK‘s official business title in April 2009. TECK was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

TECK’s last earnings report (Q2) revealed $1.4 billion in sales profits, at $2.57 per shareTECK also authorized a $500 million share repurchase programTECK‘s adjusted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, etc.) was $2.57 billion, showing a solid 300% year-over-year increaseTECK forecasts indicate a significant upwards progression in annual growth, making for a lucrative 2023 and 2024TECK currently has a dividend yield of 1.12%, with a quarterly payout of 10 cents per share. TECK has a median price target of 41.44, with a high estimate of 49.08 and a low of 29.54 among the analysts providing 12-month price estimates. The consensus estimate indicates a 19.83% gain over current pricing, and the consensus among analysts also gives TECK a rather obvious buy rating

Halliburton Co (HAL)

Halliburton Co (HAL) provides services and products to the energy sector relating to oil and gas exploration, development, and production. Cementing, stimulation, intervention, pressure control, artificial lift, and completion services are provided within HAL’s Completion and Production segment. Meanwhile, HAL’s Drilling and Evaluation division offers field and reservoir modeling, drilling, evaluation, and wellbore placement solutions to clients, allowing them to model, measure, and optimize their construction operations. Erle P. Halliburton created HAL in 1919, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

HAL posted EPS of $0.49 per share for the second quarter of 2022, above predictions of $0.44HAL’s sales of $5.07 billion exceeded expectations by $368.54 million and showed a year-over-year rise of 36.88%. In addition, HAL generated a free cash flow of $215 million. Since the start of the year, HAL has also impressively lowered its debt by $600 million. HAL has easily exceeded analysts’ quarterly earnings forecasts for the past three consecutive quarters. HAL presently offers a dividend yield of 1.70%, with a quarterly payout of 12 cents per share owned. The median price target for HAL among the analysts providing annual price estimates is 44.50, with a high estimate of 53.00 and a low of 32.00The median estimate is an excellent 57.75% increase over current pricing, and HAL comes with a well-earned buy rating that has garnered respect among Wall Street analysts.

Marathon Oil Corp (MRO)

Marathon Oil Corp (MRO) is an independent exploration and production firm that works in the U.S. and worldwide. MRO‘s activities include exploring, producing, and selling crude oil, natural gas, and NGLs (natural gas liquids). MRO engages in the production and marketing of natural gas-derived products such as methanol. In addition, MRO owns and maintains 32 central gathering and treatment facilities, as well as the Sugarloaf gathering system, a 42-mile pipeline for natural gas that runs through several counties. In December 2001, MRO changed its name from USX Corporation to Marathon Oil. MRO was established in 1887 and is based in Houston, Texas.

MRO released its second-quarter results recently and posted an EPS of $1.32, $0.04 higher than expectedMRO also hit $2.3 billion in revenue, above the estimated $190 millionMRO reported $1.58 billion in adjusted operating cash flow and $1.2 billion in adjusted free cash flowMRO extended its $2.5 billion revolving credit through 2027. Year-over-year, MRO’s numbers in crucial growth areas are quite a sight: Revenue — 73.07%; Net Income — 5937.50%EPS — 6750%Net Profit Margin — 3390.55%. And, growth is only forecasted to continue growing quarterly and annually. MRO currently boasts a dividend yield of 1.39%, with a quarterly payout of 8 cents per share. MRO has a consensus 12-month price estimate of 32.50, with a high of 43.00 and a low of 24.00 among the analysts providing yearly forecasts. The price target implies a 41.00% rise from its most recent price, and the consensus among analysts gives MRO a robust buy rating that deserves some time to shine. 

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Bonner is also one of the most humble and thoughtful men in the world today. He’s the author of three New York Times bestsellers… and has built several homes with his own hands, using ancient building techniques.

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And in this analysis, Bonner explains exactly how he believes this difficult period will play out, and even more important: The 4 Steps every American should take right now to prepare.

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