3 Respected Dividend Stocks That Are Safe to Buy Today

Dividend stocks have performed quite well relative to other market groups since 2022 began. Investors tend to choose dividend-paying companies with higher-than-average yields in defensive sectors during market slumps. For instance, shares of well-known names like AbbVie Inc (ABBV), Exxon Mobil (XOM), and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) currently come with generous dividends. Still, they have also reported profits revealing solid financials. Furthermore, these businesses are not anticipated to have their dividends reduced – even considering the state of the market – which is in part what makes them popular.

Choosing the proper stocks with strong dividend yields is crucial. To have a good image of future income, investors must also pay attention to the yearly growth rates. Because of this, some are dumping growth stocks in favor of dividend stocks. Depending on the source, dividend-focused ETFs have already brought in somewhere in the ballpark of $50 billion this year. For that reason, it can’t hurt to pick a few of these stocks I like most and share them with our loyal readers.

With that said, join me while I give a quick but detailed breakdown of three dividend-paying tickers that Wall Street’s best and brightest consider to be timely, profitable investments:

Broadcom Inc (AVGO)

Broadcom Inc (AVGO) is an American semiconductor and infrastructure software product innovator, developer, manufacturer, and global supplier. AVGO‘s product portfolio includes solutions for networking, data centers, software, internet, wireless, storage, and industrial applications. AVGO’s headquarters are in San Jose, California. After purchasing Broadcom Corporation in January 2016, Avago Technologies Limited adopted the Broadcom name. Avago’s ticker symbol AVGO now symbolizes the newly amalgamated firm, while Broadcom’s original ticker symbol BRCM has been retired.

AVGO has a solid reputation on Wall Street, having maintained a high yield and dividend payout while also performing well regarding sales and earnings. AVGO, in its most recent earnings report, beat analysts’ EPS projections by 3.01% and revenue expectations by 1.31%. For its current quarter, AVGO boasts $8.4 billion in revenue, at an impressive EPS of $9.58 per shareAVGO shows year-over-year growth in key areas: Revenue – 22.59%; Net Income – 73.48%; EPS – 79.7%; Net Profit Margin – 41.48%. Analysts forecast growth to continue on both a quarterly and annual basis. AVGO’s consensus price estimate for the next 12 months is 675.00, with a high of 780.00 and a low of 600.00The median estimate is a 26.55% gain over its previous price, and AVGO comes with a confident buy ratingAVGO currently has a dividend yield of 3.07%, with a quarterly payout of $4.10 per share.

Altria Group Inc (MO)

Altria Group, Inc (MO) produces and markets tobacco goods in the United States. MO offers nicotine packets and cigarettes under well-known brand names like Marlboro, Skoal, Copenhagen, and Husky, as well as cigars and pipe tobacco through its popular Black & Mild brand. Large retail establishments like chain shops and wholesalers, including distributors, are the main customers for MO’s tobacco goods. MO was founded in 1822 in Richmond, VA, and is headquartered there.

MO may not be selling everyone’s favorite products, but what’s more important in this article’s context: they’re a profitable business whose stock provides returns. Regarding earnings, MO has exceeded analysts’ EPS forecasts for the first two quarters of 2022 by 0.77% and 2.70%, respectively. Year-over-year growth looks suitable for MO: The present data shows Net Income growth of 37.57% and Profit Margin growth of 39.31%MO shows $5.4 billion in sales, at $1.25 per share, for the current quarter. The median 12-month price objective for MO from analysts providing annual predictions is 50.00, with a high of 68.00 and a low of 36.00The consensus estimate is a 13.64% increase over current pricing, while analysts tell us to buy and hold sharesMO has a dividend yield of 8.18%, with a quarterly payout of 90 cents per share. 

Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD)

Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD) is an American oil exploration business headquartered in Irving, Texas. PXD has the most acreage in the Cline Shale, a portion of the Spraberry Trend of the Permian Basin, which is where it operates. Last listed at #428 on the Fortune 500, PXD displayed proven reserves of 2.222 billion barrels of oil equivalent as of December 31, 2021, of which 44% were petroleum, 30% were natural gas liquids, and 16% were natural gas. A total of 617,000 barrels of oil equivalent were produced daily by PXD in 2021: 61% petroleum23% natural gas liquids, and 19% natural gas.

PXD earned $2.3 billion in free cash flow in Q1 of 2022 and gave stockholders a 90% return on their investmentPXD also shows remarkable year-over-year growth numbers: Revenue – 100.62%; Net Income – 2970%; EPS – 2472.73%; Net Profit Margin – 1533.33%PXD most recently exceeded earnings projections on EPS and revenue by 5.59% and 3.12%, respectively. The consensus price goal for PXD from analysts providing yearly price projections is 296.50, with a high of 422.00 and a low of 244.00The estimate reflects a 29.63% gain over its last price, and PXD’s buy rating is well-earned. PXD currently has a dividend yield of 7.38%, with a quarterly payout of $4.22 per share. 

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