Bear Market Legend Reveals His Secret To Profiting When Stocks Go Down

Andrew Keene is a bear market legend.

The financial media picked him up after learning he captured millions of dollars in profit during the 2007 and 2008 bear market using a small six-figure portfolio.

But that’s hardly the most exciting thing about Andrew.

Before he made his fortune, in 2006, he lost half a million dollars.

But he discovered a secret in early 2007 that allowed him to completely turn things around.

And here’s the thing — it didn’t matter that stocks were beginning to enter the worst market downturn in 80 years.

This secret allowed Andrew to lean into the bear market, and make money while others were losing it.

Once again, the market appears to be in the throes of a brutal bear market.

And this time, Andrew is showing other people how to exploit it.

So far in 2022, Andrew’s followers have enjoyed opportunities such as:

  • 31% on WDC…
  • 24% in RBLX…
  • 48% on HOOD…
  • 48% on SNOW…
  • 29% on AMZN…

Not in days, but in mere hours.

And these were just his day trades. Andrew has been showing his followers how to capture profits all year long, on stocks ranging from Goodyear Tire to the ARKK innovation fund.

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