Cash in on Dividend Rewards From These Micro Currencies

Most market watchers are familiar with how dividend stocks work.  A business rewards shareholders with a share of the profits over a predetermined time frame.  Many investors are drawn to dividend stocks for the consistency and the reliable paycheck that comes along with them.  But did you know that there are some digital currencies that apply the same principles?

Many are unaware that there are “dividend” rewards to be had in the cryptosphere where coin holders are rewarded with a share of the profit of the digital currency project.  What’s more, many of these dividend currencies come with a low price tag, under $100 per coin.  

Considering the broader crypto market has had the wind taken out of its sails over the past few months, now is a good time to further investigate these micro currencies that reward investors with regular dividend payouts. 

In this article we’ll explore some of the cheap coins that facilitate the earning of smart passive income through crypto dividends.

Cosmos (ATOM) aims to become an “Internet of blockchains” by facilitating the exchange of assets between different blockchains.  So far nearly 100 different companies are using Cosmos to build their own projects.  For example, Binance, the world’s biggest centralized exchange, built their blockchain, Binance Chain, using Cosmos’ technology.  

By staking ATOM or committing holdings to support the blockchain network, and allowing the blockchain to put those holdings to work, participants are rewarded with passive income.  Cosmos’ staking rewards are high at around 8%, but considering Cosmos’ expanding ecosystem rewards could become even more substantial.  

VeChain  (VET) is another staking opportunity to consider.  The project focuses on using blockchain technology for the process of moving goods from suppliers to customers.  Rewards from the supply chain token might not be as high compared to other staking opportunities at just 1.5%, but the future potential may make up for the low yields in the long run.  

VeChain’s list of affiliates includes BMW for work on VerifyCar, an app that combats mileage fraud.  And Deloitte, one of the big four accounting firms, who uses VeChain to develop blockchain solutions for clients.  The project also has a partnership with Penfolds, one of Australia’s oldest wineries, to track authenticity and prevent counterfeiting.  

Reaping VET staking rewards is as simple as holding VeChain in a wallet that supports it and you will receive VTHO, which is used to pay for transactions in the network.  

Last up on our list of micro currencies that offer crypto dividend rewards is KuCoin.  Hong Kong based exchange, KuCoin shares 50% of transaction fees with token holders while another 40% of the platform trading fees are designated to clients who refer other users.  

Holders of KuCoin’s native token KCS receive a daily bonus called KuCoin Bonus, the equivalent of 50% of the trading fees are distributed.  The bonus for holding KuCoin will grow as the volume and the amount of coins traded increases on the KuCoin exchange.

To start getting passive income from KuCoin, one simply needs to hold at least six KCS tokens and keep them on the KuCoin platform.

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