Best Small-Cap Stocks to Buy Before 2022

Following the initial destruction caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the US economy has made a remarkable comeback. Although not every statistic is perfectly matched, one thing is certain: the early (and understandable) predictions of doom and gloom did not come true. With so many unknowns in store for 2022, investors may want to rethink their capitalization strategy. We’ll talk about the finest small-cap stocks to purchase in this article.

Why should you “downsize” your investment options? To begin with, many people have long believed in the small-cap effect, which states that smaller publicly listed firms tend to outperform their larger counterparts over time. The Wall Street Journal published some explanation for this occurrence earlier this year, saying that the most substantial small-cap firms in the S&P 500 index outperformed their bigger counterparts.

Finally, smaller businesses may be better equipped to respond swiftly to changing market conditions and adapt accordingly. On the other hand, large-cap companies must answer to influential stakeholders who may obstruct critical reform. As we welcome the new year, don’t forget to think about these recommendations for the greatest small-cap stocks to invest in.

Let’s have a look at three small-cap stocks that Wall Street experts consider wise portfolio picks:

Ranger Oil Corp (ROCC)

Ranger Oil Corp (ROCC) is an independent oil and gas firm specializing in crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas exploration, development, and production. Its Eagle Ford Shale project in South Texas is its main emphasis. ROCC was established in 1882 and is based in Houston, Texas. Given that the oil and gas industry is losing favor with renewable energy companies, ROCC’s presence on a list of top small-cap stocks to buy may raise some eyebrows. Renewables have grown considerably more economically viable in recent years as technology has improved, and costs have decreased.

However, fossil fuels may continue to be significant for a long time because of their high energy density. As a result, if you have some spare cash, you might want to put it to good use using ROCC. Its year-over-year financials are all in the green, indicating growth, and the current quarter shows good numbers so far: EPS (Earnings-per-share) of $1.77 per share and sales of $200.6 millionROCC has a median 12-month price target of 45.00, with a high of 55.00 and a low of 35.00 from analysts that provide 12-month price forecasts. The median estimate reflects an increase of 71.36% over its most recent price. The consensus among analysts gives ROCC a strong buy rating.

Customers Bancorp Inc (CUBI)

Customers Bancorp, Inc. is a bank holding company that provides banking services through its subsidiary, Customers Bank. It is divided into three segments: Customers Bank, Business Banking, and BankMobile. Commercial customers are served by the Customers Bank Business Banking segment, which uses a single-point-of-contact business model and provides liquidity to residential mortgage originators nationwide through commercial loans to mortgage companies. The BankMobile division focuses on providing consumers, students, and the underbanked with state-of-the-art high-tech digital banking and disbursement services. The firm was established on April 7, 2010, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

CUBI stock has soared in 2021, increasing about 218% since its debut in January. The yearly dividend yield for CUBI is 3.35%, which is greater than the US Banks – Regional industry average of 2.51%. On CUBI’s last quarterly earnings report, they crushed experts’ projections; EPS and revenue by 66.06% and 41.61%, respectivelyCUBI reports again next year, but it shows an EPS of $2.90 per share and sales of $216.6 million for the current quarter. Forecasts indicate annual growth in both categories. CUBI has a consensus price target of 67.50 among analysts that provide 12-month price estimates, with a high of 100.00 and a low of 58.00. The forecast is up 12.24% from the most recent price, and analysts tell us to buy stock in CUBI.

ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc (ANIP)

ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc (ANIP) is a pharmaceutical business that develops, manufactures, and markets prescription pharmaceuticals, both branded and generic. Narcotics, hormones, steroids, and complicated formulations incorporating prolonged release and combination medications are among the items it develops. ANIP was established on August 29th, 1996, in Baudette, Minnesota.

Clearly, the pharmaceutical industry drew much attention this year, thanks to pandemic-related treatment and the immunization race. However, now that most of the passion has faded, ANIP may thrive in a post-pandemic setting. It’s notable that as far as earnings reports go, ANIP has bested expert projections for the last three fiscal quarters in a row on both EPS and revenue. ANIP doesn’t currently pay a dividend, but that doesn’t hamper its recent impact. ANIP shows 75 cents per share and sales of $56.3 million for the current quarter. The consensus price target for ANIP from analysts that provide 12-month price projections is 65.00, with a high of 70.00 and a low of 50.00The median forecast reflects a 35.42% rise from the previous price, and the analysts’ consensus gives ANIP a solid buy rating.

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