The Little Engine That Did!

The products and services that large-cap and mega-cap companies like Apple (APPL), Facebook (FB) and Amazon (AMZN)  provide influence the way we live our lives in ways that most of us are not consciously aware of.  But what influence could individuals like you and I have on those giants? 

Of course you’ve heard the expression, “vote with your wallet.”  Well, there’s a new opportunity to do just that, and potentially turn a profit at the same time. 

Investors who are passionate about social justice, the environment and preserving the planet and our ethical values were tuned in today for the debut of an ETF unlike the others.  Read on to find out who’s behind this unique offering.

Do you remember Engine No. 1?  Those are the folks who went up against Exxon and WON!   Well, now they’ve launched their own ETF as of this morning.  

Today’s debut of The Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETF (VOTE) comes just one month after shareholders broadly supported Engine No. 1’s victory over Exxon Mobil (XOM) that forced the oil giant to improve its financial performance and to overhaul its clean energy strategy by electing three of its directors to XOM’s board.  

Engine No. 1’s objective is unlike most companies that start their own ETF, who look to buy stocks that support their point of view.  Engine No. 1 is interested in buying enough stock in large cap companies to participate in the proxy voting.  They’re not making bets, their aim is to influence votes down the road and their ultimate goal is to influence climate change and ESG issues.  

The ETF launched with $100 million in assets and will track the Morningstar U.S. Large Cap Select Index.  Unlike the hundreds of similar portfolios, VOTE seeks to alter corporate behavior through proxy voting on ESG proposals such as climate-related or gender pay equality issues.  

“We’re harnessing the power of investors in a new way to actually drive impact by how we vote our shares and work directly with companies,” said Michael O’Leary, managing director of Engine No. 1.

One of the fund’s most attractive points is its low annual expense ratio.  Compared to mutual funds that often charge between 0.5% to 1%, VOTE’s 0.05% ratio is next to nothing.  It’s also much cheaper than the average activist hedge fund, which generally requires a $1 million investment and often charges 20% of the profits in fees. 

Engine No. 1 is making waves and we’re interested to see what kind of support they’ll get and what effect they’ll have on large cap company practices.  

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