Jeff Brown’s ESG Megatrend. Are Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk Really Investing Billions?

Billionaires are pouring money into what CNBC called a “$30 trillion market just getting started.” But most everyday folks are in the dark, and risk being left out of what could be
the biggest trend of the decade. Will you miss out?

HOST Hi I’m Chris Hurt, and I’ll be your host for today’s interview.

I’m here with Jeff Brown, who’s considered by many to be America’s #1 expert in tech investing.

Jeff, thanks for being here.

Before the camera started rolling, you were telling me that right now you have a piece of technology inside your pocket… a tech that’s part of a $30 trillion trend that’s set to dominate this decade.

Can I see it?

JEFF Well, it’s right here in my jacket.

And I’m certain that anyone who invests in this technology could make an absolute fortune in the coming months and years. 

I’ll even show you how it could help everyone watching this make up to an extra $30,000 per year.

But before I show it to you, I think it’s important you understand the magnitude of this megatrend.

You see, I’m not the only one saying this could be the biggest trend of the decade.


HOST And you’re saying it’s a $30 trillion trend?

JEFF That’s right.

There’s a lot of money at stake here… 

I mean, this is a huge trend that will affect everything…

It’s bigger than 5G, AI, blockchain or any other tech trend you might have heard of.

Just to give you an idea…

$30 trillion dollars is enough to buy the so-called FAANG stocks…

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

And I’m not talking about buying a stake…

I’m talking about buying the entire company…

All of them.

Not just once…

But three times!

That’s why Morgan Stanley recently issued a note to its clients saying…

Morgan Stanley on ESG

HOST Wow… yeah, $30 trillion is huge.

I think that’s even bigger than the entire US economy.

JEFF It is.

You’re right about that.

It’s really shocking most people don’t know about this trend…

Because even though this is already a huge opportunity, it’s set to get even bigger.

HOST Bigger than $30 trillion?


You see, we’re still in the very early stages.

That’s why CNBC called it…

CNBC: ESG $30-trillion megatrend is just getting started.

Bank of America estimates this could reach $50 trillion over the next two decades.

HOST So, they’re expecting trillions will flow into this trend?

JEFF Yes, they even called it a “tsunami of assets.”

And it has already started.

There’s a mad rush right now like I’ve never seen.

The biggest players on Wall Street are jumping in with both feet…

Check out this headline from Yahoo Finance…

Goldman SAV ESG

The article went on to say…

Yahoo Finance ESG Jeff Bezos

Goldman Sachs started a $1.5 billion fund to invest in this trend. 

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and they’re going even bigger.

They’re planning to invest $1.2 trillion in it.

Their CEO Larry Fink even said this will lead to nothing less than “a fundamental reshaping of finance.”. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also investing $10 billion in it.

HOST Wow… sounds like all the big players are getting on board.

JEFF Yeah, and Amazon isn’t the only big tech company that’s getting involved.

Apple is planning to invest $300 million in this trend…

Google is going even bigger and has invested more than $7 billion.

The savviest investors in the world are also jumping in…

I’m talking about billionaires like Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

Warren Buffett has also invested $15 billion in it… and he said he’s ready to invest $15 billion more.

HOST That really sounds like a mad rush to me.

I’ve never heard of anything like that.

JEFF Yeah, and I really can’t blame them for jumping in.

I mean, these people are rich for a reason.

They like making money.

And many stocks involved in this trend are absolutely exploding higher and making investors rich.

For example, last year alone shares of Ideanomics jumped as high as 922%

ESG Stocks

Plug Power jumped as high as 1,177%.

ESG Stocks

And FuelTech jumped as high as 1,407%.

ESG Stocks

HOST Hold on Jeff.

Normally the stock market goes up by 10% a year on average. 

But here you’re talking about multiples of that.

I mean, looking at this last example…

Anyone who invested $1,000 on that play had the chance to walk away with a little over $15,000.

This all happened last year?

JEFF Yes, those gains happened just last year. 

That’s how fast things are moving.

And it’s going on across several stocks involved in this megatrend.

It’s really insane.

For example, last year alone shares of DPW Holdings jumped as high as 1,032%.

ESG SAV Stocks

ElectraMeccanica jumped as high as 1,055%.

ESG SAV Stocks

And shares of NIO went absolutely crazy, jumping as high as 2,207%.

ESG SAV Stocks

These are all part of this $30 trillion trend I’m talking about.

HOST Wow, that’s insane Jeff…

I mean, these examples you’re showing….

We’re talking about opportunities to make nine times…

14 times…

And even more than 20 times your money.

And all that just last year?

JEFF That’s right.

Normally, you’d have to wait years and years…

Sometimes even decades to see those types of gains.

But these gains are happening at lightning-fast speed.

That’s the power of this megatrend.

It’s a nice way to kick off what will be the biggest trend of this decade.

HOST And you said most people still don’t know about this new trend?

JEFF Yes, that’s the sad reality.

While all these savvy investors are jumping in…

Most people will end up missing out on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

And that’s why I’m here today…

To show you my #1 way to play this megatrend.

It’s a company that’s developed a piece of technology that will help power this trend.

I have the technology right here in my pocket.

HOST Yeah, I can’t wait to see it.

But before you show that to us…

I know you’re also going to mention some tickers and names of companies that are involved in this megatrend.

And that’s no strings attached, right?

JEFF That’s right.

But you’re gonna have to act quick…

And it’s because of this document right here.

[Jeff grabs the piece of paper in front of him]

HOST And what’s that?

JEFF Remember when I said there’s a mad rush going on? 

Well, this is a list of 2,608 money managers… who collectively manage $80 trillion in assets.     

And they signed this internationally recognized document saying they’re planning to invest in this trend.       

That’s why Wouter S., chief investment strategist at Northern Trust Asset Management, said:

ESG Megatrend

So, if you wait even just one day, shares could be trading much, much higher.

That’s why we’re here today …

I want to help folks get ahead of that money. 

So today I’ll give all the details of this company I found because we have no time to waste here…

HOST Jeff, if this was coming from anyone else, I’d probably think it was just hype.

But I’ve seen your track record and your resume…

And I have to say I was very impressed…

I mean, your list of degrees alone is insane.

You have to be the only expert in America who has degrees and certificates from Purdue’s famed “School of Astronauts,” London Business School, Stanford, UC Berkeley School of Law, MIT, and Yale School of Management.

JEFF And I’m not done yet… I’m planning for Harvard next!


That’s incredible.

But I know you’re not just one of those academics with no real-life experience.

You were an executive at Qualcomm and a Vice President with NXP Semiconductors Japan. These are two major public tech companies.

You’re an angel investor who’s made dozens of deals involving private companies… and pocketed gains as high as 4,300%.

Because of your expertise in technology, you’ve consulted with senior officials of the Department of Commerce, policy makers, members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Jeff Brown Investor
Jeff Brown Pentagon

As an active member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, D.C., you’re one of the most respected tech investors in America.

But perhaps, what’s even more impressive is your track record of seeing big tech trends before most people catch on.

In June 2015, you published a write-up on Bitcoin… and you encouraged people to buy a few bitcoins.

Bitcoin was trading for $240 back then. So, anyone who listened to you had the chance to make as much as 13,932%

Jeff Brown Stocks

The following year, you picked NVIDIA as your favorite stock… and boom, it exploded 2,186%.

Jeff Brown Stocks

By the way, NVIDIA turned out to be the S&P 500 #1 tech stock of 2020.

I mean, I could spend all day here giving examples like that…

For example, you started covering 5G as early as 2017, way before it became a mainstream trend…

I know your 5G presentation from the historic Shubert Theater in Connecticut has gone viral.

More than 1.8 million people already watched that!

And many of the 5G stocks you singled out have exploded higher.

Stocks like AMD. You picked AMD in 2017 as your favorite stock.

And look at this… it has jumped as high as 805%.

Jeff Brown Stocks

A couple of your other 5G plays are up as high as 225% and 220% as we speak.

Jeff Brown 5G Stocks
Jeff Brown 5G Stocks

I can’t mention the name of those because you’re still holding them in your model portfolio.

And it wouldn’t be fair to your readers.

JEFF That’s right. I’m very happy with our track record…

Those gains are incredible…

But it’s nothing compared to what I believe is coming.

This will be the biggest trend of the 2020s.

And it’s not just me saying it.

Credit Suisse ESG Megatrend
State Street Global Advisors ESG Portfolio
Nasdaq ESG Stocks

Look Chris…

The thing about these megatrends is that you only need to catch one of those trends to fund your entire retirement.

HOST Jeff, can you give us an example of what you consider a megatrend?

JEFF Sure, a megatrend is something that basically changes the way we live.

It’s something that affects just about everyone.

And that’s why the gains can be massive.

Look at smartphones, for example.

Had you invested in Apple the day after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone…

You could have made as much as 4,264%.

Smartphone Megatrend

Of course, before smartphones we had another megatrend…

The internet.

Along with the use of personal computers, it changed everything.

Had you invested in Dell Inc. back in the early 1990s you would have made a fortune.

PC Megatrend

Shares went up 112,582%…

Enough to turn a small investment of $1 into more than $1.1 million.

The internet also triggered another huge megatrend…

Online shopping.

Amazon started this trend back in the 1990s.  That was the beginning of Amazon’s retail revolution…

Had you invested just $1,000 back then, you’d have over $1.7 million today.

Online Megatrend

HOST Just looking at those examples… the internet, personal computers, smartphones, and online shopping… 

These are things that pretty much affect everyone alive.

You expect the same thing from this megatrend?

JEFF I do.

BOA ESG Will Change Everything

And the technology that’s in my pocket right now will play a key role.

In just a moment, I’ll even show you how it could help you make an extra $30,000 every year.

Anyone who invests in the company behind this tech could make a fortune in the coming months and years.

But this is an urgent situation…

Because like I mentioned before, there’s a lot of money set to flow into this trend.

A new report from PWC estimates that “almost 60% of mutual fund assets will be invested in this trend in the coming years.”

And according to the latest World Wealth Report 2020…

By the end of 2021…

Wealthy investors said they plan to allocate 46% of their portfolio to this trend.

HOST 46%?

You mean that almost half of all their money invested in this trend?

JEFF That’s right.

That’s why Yahoo Finance wrote:

Yahoo finance ESG Megatrend

HOST Ok Jeff, please enough with the suspense…

So, what exactly is this trend?

JEFF: Well, it’s just 3 letters…

But I bet most people don’t even know what it means.

I’m talking about ESG investing.

As independent financial advisor Nigel Green says…

Nigel Green: Tech & ESG Megatrend

In case you don’t know, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

So clean technology is a big part of ESG.

HOST So, are you talking about things like solar and wind power?

JEFF Not really.

I mean, of course renewable energy is part of this ESG trend.

But that’s not really what excites me.

And the technology inside my pocket has nothing to do with that.

Instead, I’m focusing on the marriage between two new exciting technologies.

That’s exciting to me because when you combine two new technologies…

That’s when you normally see the biggest gains.

For example, mobile phones were an exciting technology…

So was the internet…

And when you combined those two things, we got smartphones, right?

HOST Right… and you already showed us how we could have made a fortune with Apple…

JEFF Yeah.

But you could also have made a fortune in the companies that were supplying chips to Apple.

For example, shares of Skyworks jumped as high as 3,990%.

Apple Supplier

Shares of Lam Research skyrocketed as high as 3,209%.

Apple Supplier

And similarly, Broadcom jumped 3,268%.

Apple Supplier

Just $1,000 invested in each of those right after Apple introduced its iPhone…

Would have grown to more than $30,000 in each case.

HOST Wow, that’s incredible.

And you see another tech marriage happening now?

JEFF I do… it’s the marriage between two new exciting technologies…

Electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.

HOST Hold on Jeff…

I want to ask you about artificial intelligence in a moment…

But how can you say electric vehicles are a new technology?

Toyota Prius and Tesla have been around for a while now.

JEFF You’re right.

Electric cars have been around for longer than most people think.

Did you know that President William Taft owned an electric-powered car?

It was a 1908 Baker Electric that clocked in at a whopping 14 mph.

HOST Really? Didn’t know that.

JEFF Yeah, but electric cars never caught on.

The technology just wasn’t developed enough.

They didn’t have a good range, and charging the batteries wasn’t easy.

Plus, by the 1920s gasoline became more affordable…

Making gas-powered cars much cheaper.

So electric cars never had a chance.

But thanks to advancements in battery technology…

That’s changing right before our eyes.

HOST What do you mean?

JEFF We’re on the cusp of mass adoption of electric cars…

And you don’t have to be an environmentalist to believe in that.

You see, this mass adoption is not gonna happen because of environmental concerns.

Instead, it will happen for economic reasons.

And the company behind the technology that’s inside my pocket will play a key role.

Expensive batteries have always been the main factor preventing the mass adoption of electric cars.

But that’s changing now.

According to a new survey from Bloomberg, battery costs have fallen 89% since 2010… and it’s expected to keep dropping.

That’s why Forbes wrote…

Forbes EV Market
Guardian EV Batteries
UBS Fossil Fuels

So, carmakers that try to hang on to gas-powered vehicles will be left behind.

HOST So, you’re saying electric cars will become much more affordable than regular cars?


If you look at Tesla, it’s already happening.

The Tesla Model 3 and the gas-powered BMW 3 Series both sell for about $41,000 in the US.

When you factor in maintenance cost, then Tesla is already more affordable.

As The New York Times wrote:

NY Times: EV Megatrend

That’s a big reason why shares of Tesla have exploded as high as 668% last year alone.

Tesla Stock

And now in terms of market value, Tesla is worth more than GM, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and BMW… Combined!

HOST Yeah, I think everyone knows that shares of Tesla have skyrocketed.

They’ve been on the news a lot.

JEFF Yeah, unfortunately most people missed this Tesla run because they think they’re a car company.

But they’re not.

HOST Hold on… if they’re not a car company… what are they?

I mean, they sell cars…

JEFF Well, this has to do with the technology inside my pocket…

And I’ll explain everything in just a moment…

You’re not going to believe me.

But I’m gonna show you a video to prove it to you so you can see with your own eyes…

And you’ll see how a lot of people will get rich from this… and how this tech could even help you to make an extra $30,000 a year.

But before we get to that…

First, I want to show you this chart…

Because this will have huge investment implications.

EV Mass Adoption

HOST Ok, so what exactly are we looking at here?

JEFF This graphic shows how new technologies are adopted…

First only by innovators…

Then by early adopters…

And then finally by the masses….

When it comes to electric cars…

We’re right here, on the cusp of mass adoption.

That’s why The New York Times wrote…

NY Times: Electric Cars

The article went on to say that…


HOST That’s interesting.

So, this “shift” is not gonna wait until 2025, as experts were predicting?

JEFF No, it’s happening right now.

And that’s very, very important…

Because it’s during this transition to mass adoption that you can see the biggest gains.


We’re already seeing some massive gains in companies involved in this booming industry of electric vehicles.

It’s not just Tesla…

Companies that make the batteries…

Companies that mine lithium…

Or those working on charging stations….

You name it… They’re all exploding upwards.

Look at Chinese battery and electric vehicle manufacturer Khandi Technologies.

Shares jumped as high as 532% last year alone.


Or look at lithium mining company Lithium Americas Corp.

As you probably already know, lithium-ion is the most common battery type in modern electric vehicles.

For that reason, shares of this lithium mining company jumped as high as 641% last year alone.


Or look at a company called Arcimoto Inc.

They make a three-wheeled electric vehicle known as FUV… which stands for “fun utility vehicle.”

Shares have jumped as high as 1,660% last year.


HOST WOW, Jeff that’s crazy…

Last year the market went up about 16%.

Which is a good return to most people…

But these examples you just gave crushed those gains…

We’re talking about beating the market by more than 100 times.

JEFF That’s right…

And it’s why we have no time to waste.

Literally, every day you wait, you could be leaving tons of money on the table…

Because the biggest gains will happen now during this transition to mass adoption.

HOST But Jeff, when you drive on the roads today you still see mostly gas-powered cars…

So, how can we be on the cusp of mass adoption?

JEFF Oh, that’s changing very, very fast.

Pretty much all the automakers are rushing to transition from gas-powered to electric cars…

Look at Ford. It’s launching its first all-electric car, a Mustang Mach-E.


Think about that…

This is the poster child for “American muscle”…

And it’s making the shift.

If this doesn’t tell you that electric vehicles are taking off right now, I don’t know what else will.

And Ford is not alone.

Volkswagen is planning to launch 70 new electric models by 2028.

General Motors just launched its battery-powered 2022 Hummer EV.


It sold out minutes after its first unveiling. 

HOST The gas-guzzler Hummer?

JEFF Well, they discontinued that Hummer in 2010 because of high prices of gas…

But now they relaunched it as an all-electric pickup truck.

And that’s just the beginning.

The CEO of the company said that GM will be all-electric “sooner than people would think.”

HOST Hold on… so General Motors is saying 100% of their cars will be electric?

JEFF That’s right.

And that’s happening across the industry… with all the models.

Toyota is planning to launch a new electric car with a range of 310 miles that you’ll be able to recharge from zero to full in 10 minutes.

And the CEO of BMW just announced that in the next two years they’ll build 250,000 more electric cars than originally planned.”

All the automakers are rushing towards this shift because they’re afraid they’ll be left behind.

That’s why the website Electrek wrote:


So, this isn’t something that’s years away…

This is happening right now.

And anyone who doesn’t act will be left behind.

In fact, if you didn’t invest in this market in 2020, you already missed some incredible opportunities.

For example,

Look at the company CBAK Energy technology. They make lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

Last year alone, shares popped as high as 1,622%.


Or look at what happened with shares of Ohio electric-van maker Workhorse Group.

It skyrocketed as high as 1,887%.


Shares of Chinese EV maker NIO jumped even higher.

Some people have called it “the next Tesla”.

Their shares jumped as high as 2,207%.


HOST Wow… and all that happened just last year?

JEFF Yes, it’s insane.

Think about that…

Last year, every $1,000 invested in the stock market would have returned $160 in profits.

The same $1,000 invested in NIO would have returned $22,070.

HOST So, you’re talking about making almost 140 times more money?

JEFF That’s right.

These massive gains are happening because like I’ve been saying… we’re on the cusp of mass adoption.

And that’s when the biggest gains will happen.

HOST But Jeff, based on these monster gains, it looks like we already missed our chance to profit.

JEFF Actually, it’s not too late.

So, for you watching at home, if you missed those big gains from last year…

Don’t worry.

Because thanks to this technology inside my pocket, you’ll have a second chance.

HOST Jeff, this suspense is killing me.

What’s inside your pocket?

JEFF: Before I show it to you…

Let me remind you….

So far, I talked a lot about electric vehicles…

But that’s just one part of the equation.

I’m talking about the marriage between electric vehicles and artificial intelligence.

And Tesla is a great example of that.

HOST Ok, I’m glad you brought that up.

Because earlier you said Tesla isn’t just an electric vehicle company.

But you never really explained.

What do you mean?

JEFF Yeah.

Remember when people used to think Amazon was just a bookstore?

Anyone who made that mistake missed out on 171,194% gains… as Amazon went from selling books to dominating all of the retail industry.


People are making a similar mistake with Tesla now. 

Just like Amazon wasn’t a bookstore, Tesla isn’t a car company.

In fact, check out these recent headlines…


HOST Yeah, after reading those headlines… you’d have to be crazy to invest in Tesla.

And yet, like you showed us earlier…

Last year alone shares jumped as high as 668%.

So why do you think everyone got it so wrong?

JEFF Well, not everyone got it wrong.

Only those who think Tesla is just a car company.

I understood very early on that Tesla was much more than that.

Check this out…

As early as November 2018 I wrote:


HOST Hold on… I’m not sure I understand.

So, around the same time most people were telling us to avoid Tesla, you were saying it was time to buy?

JEFF That’s an understatement.

I was pounding the table.

Later in January of 2019 I also wrote this:


HOST Wow… Jeff, I have to say…

I’m a little speechless right now.

I mean, last time I looked, shares were trading for more than $700.

So, looks like you were 100% right on target here.

If anything, you underestimated how fast shares would rise.

JEFF That’s right.

Shortly after I published that note, shares exploded as high as 1,481%.


It’s funny… I just saw a note the Royal Bank of Canada sent to its clients saying:


Wall Street is finally waking up. 

You see, most people missed that big rally because they thought Tesla was just another electric car company.

But they’re not.

They’re an artificial intelligence company.

And the technology inside my pocket proves it.

In fact, soon this piece of technology that’s inside my pocket will be inside every single Tesla out there.

It could even help you make an extra $30,000 every year.

HOST Hold on Jeff…

We’ll get to that technology inside your pocket in just a moment…

But why do you say Tesla is an artificial intelligence (AI) company?

I mean, they don’t sell software like Microsoft does.

They sell cars, right?


But hear me out…

Every other carmaker buys or builds an engine and a chassis…

Then they fill in the rest of the details…

And only then, they write software to assist in controlling the car.

Tesla does the opposite.

It has designed its software first…

Then it built a car around it.

The software comes first.

The hardware… chassis, engine, tires, seats, etc… comes after.

This allows the company to “upgrade” each car several times throughout the year.

Chris, let me ask you this…

What kind of phone do you have?

HOST An iPhone.

JEFF Ok, so you know when Apple has an update to its operating system, you get an alert that looks like this… right…


Something that says an “update is now available,” right?

HOST Yep, it happens from time to time.

JEFF Well, Tesla does the same thing.

Anytime Tesla has a software update for its fleet of cars, it simply pushes it out.

And that’s a big deal because that’s how they’re leading us into the next stage of transit…

The future of transportation…

What I call the marriage between electric vehicles and artificial intelligence….

Where cars will be fully autonomous.

You see, just recently Tesla pushed out a new update for its self-driving software…

And it’s a game changer.

Here’s how Tesla described it:


HOST Jeff, that sounds incredible. 

I think we’ve all heard about self-driving cars…

But that’s gotta be years away right?

JEFF No, it’s already happening. I knew you wouldn’t believe it, so I recently got into a Tesla and took a camera with me.

Check this out…Play Video

It sounds like science fiction.

But It’s NOT science fiction.

This is already happening.

Tesla cars have already driven more than 4.5 billion miles on autopilot to date.

HOST That’s incredible Jeff. I had no idea…

JEFF Yeah, and the technology inside my pocket is helping make that a reality.

In fact, this tech will soon be in every self-driving Tesla.

And it will not only allow cars to self-drive…

But it could also put an extra $30,000 in your pocket every year if you own a Tesla.

HOST What do you mean?

JEFF Well, when you own a car, it just sits idle in your garage 95% of the time, right?

Now imagine this…

You arrive at work in your Tesla…

Get out of the car, then press a button on an app on your phone that instructs your Tesla to “join the fleet.”

While you’re at work, your Tesla is out driving itself… giving rides, earning money… and returns back to your office at the end of your workday.

Imagine that… your car becomes an asset, literally generating income for you every day.

That’s exactly what Elon Musk is planning for Tesla.

You’ll pay less than $50,000 for a Tesla…

But once that car is part of the robotaxi network, it could generate about $30,000 in gross profit per year.

HOST That’s amazing.

I think we all know the moment you drive a new car off a dealer’s lot, it starts to lose value really fast.

But here you’re saying your car could be able to put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket every year?

That sounds like a no-brainer to me.

JEFF That’s right… and its why Elon Musk recently said:

“It is financially insane to buy anything else than a Tesla.”

The Washington Post even wrote an article about it, and called it…


Make no mistake…

This will be the future of transportation.

That’s why one of America’s top futurists — Peter Diamandis — recently said:


In other words, this transportation would be 92% cheaper!

HOST So, you think gas-powered cars will disappear?

JEFF Not disappear…

If that’s what you want to drive, they’ll still be available.

We just won’t have as many choices as we do today.

Most cars will be electric.

HOST So how can people profit from this trend?

Buying shares of Tesla?

JEFF Well, Tesla is a great company…

And it’s leading this revolution.

Competitors will have no way to compete with Tesla.

Each Tesla car is connected to Tesla via a wireless network, and its “fleet” of self-driving cars is collecting driving data, images, performance data, etc.

That’s everything an AI needs to learn and get “smarter” … every single day.

HOST So, every time a Tesla car is out on autopilot, the AI is getting smarter?

JEFF Exactly. It’s like each car is connected to a central brain…

So, every time one car learns something new by driving on the road, all the cars learn that new thing.

That’s why no other company on the planet has the network in place, nor the data, to compete with Tesla.

But there’s a problem….

Shares are now trading above $700.

They were cheap when I wrote about them in 2018….

You know, before they went up 1,481%.

But that’s no longer the case.

That’s why today I want to share an opportunity that’s even better than Tesla.

HOST You’re talking about the technology in your pocket?



And it’s all thanks to this tiny piece of tech.

You see, these Tesla cars have a camera mounted behind the windshield.

It’s that camera that provides visibility in front of the car. It captures front images over up to 250 meters.

And those cameras use this image sensor I’m holding in my hand.

Now, normally Tesla is very secretive about its suppliers.

Good luck finding that information on their website or even on their SEC filings.

But after countless hours of research…

I found the company that’s making these sensors for Tesla.

And here’s the good news…

While shares of Tesla are trading above $700…

The company behind this tech is trading for a price that’s 95% cheaper.

So that means there’s a lot of upside potential.

HOST So, what’s the name and ticker of that company?

JEFF Like I mentioned before, Tesla is very secretive with that kind of stuff.

For example, I looked through their latest annual report, and they do NOT mention the name of this supplier anywhere.

And as far as I know, Elon never mentioned the name of this company in one of the company’s presentations.

But here’s the good news…

I put all the details inside a special report that I’d like to give everyone access right now.

It’s called: How to Make a Fortune From Tesla’s Secret Supplier.

Inside this report, I’ll give you all the details on this company, including its name and ticker symbol.

This company is in the perfect position to profit from this marriage between electric vehicles and AI.

Fortune magazine even named it one of the fastest growing companies in America.

You see, aside from this sensor that’s used in Tesla…

This company makes more than 10,000 other car products, mainly semiconductors…

Including power semiconductors that help bring the cost of batteries down.

And that’s a big deal because electric vehicles require a lot more semiconductors than regular cars.

It’s estimated that a regular car has $100 worth of semiconductors.

An EV will have as much as $500 worth, so five times more.

As we transition from gas-power to electric cars, we’ll need a lot more semiconductors.

Remember when I said that General Motors announced they’ll soon be a 100% electric car company?

Well, this company is also supplying General Motors.

So as all the automakers continue to shift to EV, this company stands to make a fortune.

But remember, we’re on the cusp of mass adoption…

And that’s when we’ll see the biggest gains…

If you wait, you’ll miss out.

So, we really have no time to waste here.

HOST Yeah, you already showed us what happened to Tesla…

It went up 1,481% after you wrote about it.

Anyone who waited missed those big gains.

JEFF Exactly.

Now, Tesla is too expensive.

But this company that’s supplying this tech to Tesla is not.

There’s a lot of upside here.

And that’s why I want to rush this report to anyone who’s serious about this opportunity.

All I ask in return is that you try out my monthly research service The Near Future Report… At no risk to you.

That’s right.

You can try it for the next 60 days with no risk to you.

And when you do, I’ll immediately send you this report.

HOST Ok Jeff, that sounds great.

I understand The Near Future Report is your flagship research that you publish every month, right?

Can you explain how that works?

JEFF: Yes, every month I publish my best investment ideas in the Near Future Report.

I call it Near Future because the future is coming much, much faster than you think.

Technology is moving so fast that it’s really hard for the average person to keep up.

By the time they hear about it from the mainstream media, it’s already too late.

Shares already popped. And the big money has been made.

For that reason, a lot of people end up missing out on big investment opportunities.

And that’s where I can help.

As you mentioned before…

I was a tech executive for 25 years.

And I’ve done dozens of deals as an angel investor.

So, I’ve built great contacts in the tech space.

That allows me to see tech trends months, if not years before they become mainstream.

And that’s my goal in this monthly publication.

You’ll hear about the most exciting tech trends before they become mainstream.

Right now, our model portfolio is well diversified across the top trends in technology today. 

I’m talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), genetic editing, precision medicine, cloud computing and 5G.

HOST Yeah, I know you’re one of the first analysts who started covering 5G, right?

JEFF That’s right.

I’m very excited about 5G because it will enable new technologies like self-driving cars, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), remote surgery, and holographic telepresence.

In fact, I just finished a brand-new report on a very exciting 5G company that’s trading below $5.

And I wrote this report right after my “5G heartland tour.”

HOST Heartland tour?

JEFF Yeah, we actually have some footage of that tour… let me show you…Play Video

I traveled to almost 20 cities around the U.S…

And this footage is proof that 5G is up and running in places like Des Moines, Omaha, Memphis, Little Rock, Kansas City, and countless other “heartland” cities.

I experienced 1.5 Gbps without any delay in many of those places…

That’s 150 times faster than the average speeds of my own hometown’s 4G wireless network.

But here’s the thing…

To get that kind of speed, you need to be in range of a 5G cell tower or base station.

That’s why most Americans still don’t have that kind of speed.

But this company that’s trading for less that $5 will help change all of that.

They’re gonna bring those 5G speeds to every city block in the world.

That’s why I’m confident that investors who jump in now stand to make a fortune.

Now of course, all investments carry risk and past performance does not guarantee future success.

But I put all the details of this company in another special report called My #1 Pure 5G Play.

And it’s yours for free the moment you try out The Near Future Report.

HOST That’s great Jeff…

I think we talked a bit about your amazing track record before.

But it’s worth briefly repeating it…

You picked Bitcoin… right before exploded as high as 13,850%…


You picked NVIDIA as your favorite stock in 2016, right before shares exploded 2,186%


You recommended AMD in 2017 as your favorite stock, and boom, it exploded as high as 805%.


Then when everyone was telling us to avoid Tesla like the plague… you were pounding the table to buy shares.

And since then, shares have jumped 1,481%.


Now I understand why many consider you the #1 tech investing expert in America.

Jeff, I’ve also seen some notes from your readers…

And I can tell they love your research. Let me share some of these notes…


The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical; investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.

Good stuff Jeff.

But I can’t say I’m surprised they’re really happy.

I mean, I looked at the open positions in your model portfolio, and I couldn’t believe it…

You’re up in ALL of the positions.

All of them. Not a single loser.

And not small gains either. Some of these are as high as 118%…282%… and 351%!

This is just amazing.

So how can folks watching this get started?

JEFF Normally a one-year subscription to The Near Future Report costs $199.

But because of this unprecedented situation, I want to do something special today.

You see, we’re on the cusp of mass adoption of electric vehicles…

And that will only happen once.

It’s happening right now.

Like I showed you here today, this is all part of a $30 trillion trend…

And according to Bank of America, there’s $20 trillion more on the way.

Everyone is getting in.

For you watching at home, I really don’t want you to miss out on this megatrend.

So, I don’t want price to be an issue.

That’s why I’ve prepared a special discount for you.

But Chris before I give the details…

I almost forgot to tell you about another major opportunity I’m following right now…

It’s a huge opportunity created by the pandemic.

HOST The pandemic?

You’re talking about investing in the companies that are making the vaccine?

JEFF No, it’s much bigger than that.

You see, the pandemic was terrible for a lot of businesses.

For example, it’s estimated that 16,000 restaurants went out of business.

But many other companies are thriving in this “new normal.”

You see, the pandemic has “forced” entire societies to adopt and rely on technologies to continue day-to-day operations.

As a result, shares of the companies behind those technologies are exploding higher.

Look at the company Docusign, for example.

They’re the leader in digital contracts and signatures.

They allow people to sign documents electronically, so you don’t need to do it in person.

HOST Sounds perfect for a pandemic.

JEFF Exactly.

In fact, I recommended it in the pages of The Near Future Report.

And so far, shares have skyrocketed as high as 407%. Take a look…


HOST 400%? That’s incredible Jeff.

Most people would have to wait years and years to see those kinds of gains…

In some cases, even decades.

JEFF Yep, but that’s exactly my point.

The pandemic has triggered a boom in these types of stocks.

Look what happened with shares of ZOOM.

I think at this point everyone has done a Zoom call.

Businesses and schools across the country relied on Zoom to operate during the lockdowns.

No wonder shares have absolutely exploded during the pandemic.


Anyone who bought shares when the company went public in 2019 already made more than 10x their money.

But if you missed on those big gains don’t worry because I just put together a special report called The New Economy: 5 Stocks That Will Soar in the “Post-COVID” World.

As the name suggests… inside this report you’ll find not one, but five stocks… each with the potential to multiply your money many times over.

HOST And that report is also FREE when you try out The Near Future Report?

JEFF Yes, you’ll gain access to all the three reports I’ve mentioned so far.

HOST Ok folks, we’ve covered a lot of ground so far…

So just to recap…

Here’s everything you get when you take this risk-free subscription to The Near Future Report

  • 12 months of Jeff’s best investment ideas— Every month, you’ll get a brand-new issue of The Near Future Report with Jeff’s top way of playing AI, blockchain, 5G, robotics, self-driving cars, and all the most exciting tech trends of our time.
  • Bonus #1: How to Make a Fortune from Tesla’s Secret Supplier. Inside this special report you’ll find details of the company that’s not only supplying Tesla, but also playing a key role in the mass adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Bonus #2: My #1 Pure 5G Play. In this report, you’ll get all the details of this 5G stock that’s trading for less than $5.
  • Bonus #3: The New Economy: 5 Stocks That Will Soar in the “Post-COVID” World. This report will show you five companies that will thrive in this new normal.
  • Access to Jeff’s model portfolio, where you can see all the current open positions.
  • Full support. Jeff’s customer support team is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Please feel free to call or email them for any help you need with your subscription. But please remember, they cannot offer personalized investment advice.
  • You’ll also get full, 24/7 access to our members-only website

So, Jeff, you mentioned that the normal price for a one-year subscription is $199.

But you’re giving folks a special discount today, right?

JEFF That’s right.

It’s a discount of $150.

That means today you can gain access for one year for just $49.

That covers a full year of access.

HOST Ok, so a full year getting your best ideas.

That’s 13 cents a day.

You’re really making this a no-brainer for everyone watching this.

JEFF: And remember…

I’m not even asking for any type of long-term commitment.

You can just try it out and decide later if it’s right for you.

HOST So, let’s talk about that…

How does that trial work?

JEFF Anyone who joins today will have 60 days to test out the service — at no risk.

If during that period you find that you’re not getting life-changing information…

Or for any reason at all…

You can simply call our customer service team and cancel your subscription.

We’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

And we’ll let you keep everything you received as a subscriber — at no charge.

HOST So, they can keep all the reports you mentioned here today?

JEFF Yes, you can keep all the issues…

You can keep all the special reports…

You can keep everything.

This means that there’s no risk to you at all.

HOST Folks, you heard Jeff.

There’s really no risk to you for this offer.

To get started, simply click on the button below.

Like Jeff showed us here today…

Many of the companies involved in this booming electric vehicle space are soaring higher…

Khandi Technologies jumped as high as 532% last year alone.


Lithium Americas Corp. jumped as high as 641%.


Arcimoto Inc. jumped as high as 1,660%.


CBAK Energy technology popped as high as 1,622%.


Ohio electric-van maker Workhorse Group skyrocketed as high as 1,887%.


And shares of Chinese EV maker NIO jumped as high as 2,207%.


All of these massive gains happened just last year.

I mean, just in this last example…

Had you invested $5,000 in that company…

Just a few months later you’d have more than $115,000.

And now Jeff has found a company that’s set to be the next big winner of this Electric Vehicle revolution.

Remember, there’s no time to waste.

Electric vehicles are on the cusp of mass adoption…

And as you can see from these incredible gains, things are moving at lightning fast speed.

That means each day you wait; you could be leaving a ton of money on the table.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This mass adoption will only happen once.

If you miss this, there won’t be another chance.

I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you and your loved ones.

Click the button below to get started.

Jeff, thanks so much for being here today. I think we all learned a lot about this new exciting trend.

JEFF My pleasure.

January 2021


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