Litman: Do this BEFORE you get the vaccine…

Dear Reader,

When Covid-19 hit last March, investors rushed into one specific part of the tech market:

Stay-at-home stocks.

These stocks were among the biggest winners of 2020.

A few have recently hit new highs…

The so-called experts are currently recommending you buy more.

But I must warn you:

Many of these Covid darlings are in deep trouble.

When a vaccine starts working – these stocks will drop like a rock.

In fact, I believe the Vaccine Crash will be worse than last March.

I’m estimating a potential 75% drop in this niche sector.

Most investors are totally unaware how heavily overweighted they are in “stay-at-home” stocks.

That’s why I just released this urgent briefing on the Vaccine Crash.

I’ll show you which stocks to sell BEFORE you get the vaccine…

This is the same information I share with 8 of the top 10 money managers in the world.

And it’s yours to view, free, right now.


Joel Litman
Chief Investment Strategist, Altimetry Research

PS. The last time my unique stock analysis system gave an alert like this… was early February 2020.

I warned my corporate clients:

Just a few weeks later, that negative shock came…

As the coronavirus forced lockdowns across America, the stock market pulled back 34% in a matter of days.

Anyone who listened to my February warning was prepared.

That’s why I think it’s very important you watch this video.

Because another crash is coming. And you can protect yourself ahead of time.