New Trade for February 5th, 2021

Stocks are higher in early trading after Senate approved a budget resolution for President Biden’s covid relief bill earlier this morning.  All three benchmarks are tracking for their best week since November.   

Arguably no other sector better represents the profound changes that we’ll see during the Roaring 2020s than electric vehicles (EVs).  With many of the companies within the group still in their infancy, choosing the right investment can be tricky.  Today’s trade alert highlights one individual stock that takes some of the guesswork out of picking winners and losers in this market. 

Romeo Power Inc. (RMO) is an energy technology company focused on designing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery modules and packs for commercial electric vehicles.  Rather than competing in an increasingly saturated market, Romeo builds next-generation EV batteries — necessary components for future EV integration.  Essentially, you’re selling tickets to the big game instead of wagering on which team will win.  For risk-averse investors, RMO stock is a much more palatable option.

 while automotive industry experts predict a ramp-up in EV sales and integration, meeting those targets will depend on battery manufacturers like Romeo.  At this point, it’s not enough to merely get a car moving with electrical power. Instead, the platform must start competing with combustion cars on the lower end of the price spectrum.

So far, this has been a difficult task for EV companies and their suppliers. Currently, the cheapest EV (that’s not a gimmick) is very expensive if you don’t include the tax incentive.  However, Romeo’s promising battery power efficiencies may change this paradigm, which would be a huge catalyst for RMO stock.

Another issue that has been problematic in the past is safety.  Stories about batteries spontaneously combusting are the exception, not the rule.  Nevertheless, they still pop up, depending on the manufacturer.  When they do, the media tends to sensationalize it, which is problematic for the broader EV industry.  Romeo Power puts its batteries through rigorous testing, making sure that they perform safely and reliably in real-world conditions.  It just makes sense from a business perspective, as consumers don’t remember the good stuff as much as they do the bad stuff.

 EVs and specifically their batteries have optimum operating temperatures. In that sense, it’s not that much different than any other platform.  However, temperatures on the extreme ends of the spectrum can impact EV operational performance and battery longevity.

That’s going to be a problem for automakers if they wish to sell their electric products outside of temperate climates such as southern California.  Fortunately, Romeo Power is a leader in innovative thermal management solutions.  To make a long story short, the company incorporates systems to keep its battery always running at the optimum temperature.

This should go a long way in making EVs accessible for not only every American but for global citizens.  Thus, the potential for RMO stock is massive for patient investors.  

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