New Trade for February 3rd, 2021

Stocks were flat in early trading this morning indicating a relatively calm open.  Over the past two sessions the Dow has gained over 700 points in the strongest rally since November.  A revisit to January’s record high may be in store in the near future. 

Will it be all systems go from there?  Who knows.  There is another rocket about to take off though, and we’ve got the ticker symbol for the stock that’s linked to the developing progress of the history making project.     

On Friday NASA announced plans to conduct a “Green Run” test of the massive rocket that will power the Artemis moon mission.  Today’s trade alert highlights one company that stands to benefit as progress in SLS rocket development comes to fruition.   

Late last year, Lockheed Martin (LMT) announced plans to acquire and merge into its own space operations rival rocket company Aerojet Rocketdyne (AJRD) in a $5 billion all-cash transaction. Lockheed Martin will either (a) pay Aerojet shareholders $56 for each share they currently hold, or (b) permit Aerojet to pay its shareholders a $5 special dividend in March, then pay the remaining $51 per share in cash to acquire the company later in the year. 

It all may be part of a strategic plan to benefit long term from NASA’s gigantic Space Launch System (SLS).  Although Lockheed is the prime contractor building the Orion space capsule that sits atop SLS, Lockheed doesn’t currently play a major role in construction of the rocket itself. Buying Aerojet — which is contracted to build the core-stage engines on SLS, and the rocket’s upper-stage engines as well — ensures that Lockheed will make hundreds of millions of dollars from every launch,” whether SLS carries an Orion or not.

Lockheed Martin may want Aerojet to profit from future SLS launches, which could be coming sooner than expected.  NASA announced that the next test could come as soon as late February.  As for expectations for the results of the test, that’s anybody’s guess.  But you can bet Lockheed Martin has its fingers crossed.

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