Have you bought a SPAC yet?

Pre-IPO deal from a California multimillionaire, Harry Sloan could make you 25X if you get in today… BEFORE it goes public

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Hi, I’m Jared Kelly.

I’m standing here in the desert outside Phoenix, Arizona… near the home of one of America’s best private investors… because in just a moment, I’m going to share the deal of a lifetime.

It’s called a “SPAC”…

A type of deal you’ve probably never seen before… which 99% of the public will never experience.

An opportunity to invest in what could soon become the most exciting new company in America… essentially BEFORE it goes public… for as little as TEN DOLLARS a share. Like a Pre-IPO, but even better.

Keep in mind…

The man behind the SPAC we’re sharing today is one of the most connected dealmakers in Hollywood. He’s worked with Tom Cruise… Sylvester Stallone… Ron Howard… and helped relaunch the James Bond franchise…

He’s made billions for investors… an entrepreneur profiled by The New York Times for his massively successful multimillion-dollar deals – and one type of deal in particular…

Pre-IPO Shares.

Getting early stakes in the best new companies… BEFORE they go public… for a legitimate chance to make 5 to 25 times your money – before Wall Street has any clue.

Today, he’s agreed to share an exclusive new deal with our viewers – through a unique type of investment vehicle called a “SPAC” – which could make you a lot more money than any stock, bond, crypto, IPO, or anything else you’ve ever seen before.

His name is Harry Sloan.

But here’s the thing…

Normally… it would be almost impossible for the average investor to meet with this level of entrepreneur one-on-one.

I mean, this is the former CEO of the studio that produced Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz! His business partner is a former CBS executive and co-president of Sony Entertainment. These are busy guys!

And that’s what brings me here to Arizona…

I’ve called in a favor and personally arranged a private meeting today with a former billion-dollar Wall Street hedge-fund manager who can get us “in the room” with Harry. We call him the “gatekeeper.”

He’ll share a way for you to immediately act on Harry’s deal and buy shares in a new company – essentially BEFORE it goes public – if you’re interested.

As you’re about to see, deals like this are where the REAL MONEY is being made right now in the investment world.

For example, consider 23andMe… the DNA-testing-kit company. It STILL hasn’t gone public… but private investors have already made 1,288%.

23andMe  1288%

Or consider DoorDash, the food delivery company, which has done enormously well in the wake of COVID-19. You can’t buy shares on the major exchanges… but private investors have already made 5,140%.DoorDash 5140%

And by the way… the LAST deal Harry put together could have quadrupled your money in just six months this year.Harry's Last Deal 313%

In other words: Why wait for an IPO… when you could make 10 to 50 times more money by getting in BEFORE the company goes public?

And here’s the best part…

Usually, Rule 501 of Regulation D won’t let you anywhere near pre-IPO deals unless you’re an accredited investor, which means you’ve had an income of at least $200,000 for two years.

But with SPACs, all you need is as little as TEN DOLLARS to get in.

And that’s because, unlike a traditional Pre-IPO, a SPAC allows you to claim a stake in the best private companies without any of the usual paperwork or hassle of being a private investor.

And incredibly… once you invest… you can even collect interest payments while you wait – just for being involved! No other investment in the world allows you this much freedom, with such huge potential.

That’s the beauty of SPACs… which Barron’s recently described as “the hottest new stocks” of 2020.

Even the Wall Street Journal called SPACs “the hot IPO trend of 2020.”

We’ve spent months arranging a chance for you to meet the gatekeeper behind this deal… who has all the information. He’s one of America’s leading experts on SPACs, and has privately met with Harry Sloan to share this opportunity with you.

So please, I urge you to take this deal seriously… and act quickly… because once this company goes public and attracts attention, the biggest gains could be gone.

In fact, the last time we shared this type of Pre-IPO opportunity – back in December 2019 – you could have tripled your money in just two months. One man who shared his results was up nearly $10 MILLION on our recommendation.

So, let me give you the full story…

And then, decide for yourself if this deal makes sense for you.

Once you see how much money you could make on SPACs, I doubt you’ll ever want to buy a regular stock again…

The SPAC gatekeeper

OK… here I am outside the gatekeeper’s house.

Keep in mind: This guy spent 25 years on Wall Street – where he invested $250 million into pre-IPO deals… millions of his life savings… and has made multiple times his money on pre-IPOs in everything from biotech to apparel.

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We call him the “gatekeeper” because he only allowed his clients into the best deals in America… with an uncanny accuracy for filtering the thousands of new startups each year into only those with 10X potential.

His name is Enrique Abeyta.

His involvement in this space goes back decades…

Throughout his career, he managed billions of dollars and was known for making money during every crisis of the past three decades.

For example, he launched his first fund just six months before September 11… launched his second fund three weeks before the 2008 crash… managed $200 million before the dot-com meltdown… and throughout, generated millions for his clients and helped raise about $6 billion altogether.

Along the way, he saw gains like:

  • 788% in 10 months on General Growth Properties
  • 608% in 15 months on Vonage
  • and dozens more

Today, he’s one of the most connected SPAC experts in America…

A man whose network can get him direct access to some of the most successful and legendary investors in America, like billionaire Bill Ackman… billionaire John Malone… and of course, Hollywood legend and super entrepreneur Harry Sloan… whose upcoming private deal is our No. 1 focus today.

Come on – let’s go inside.

Like a pre-IPO share… but better


Enrique, I traveled more than 2,000 miles to be here…

And I know you’re extremely busy… So thanks for having me.


My pleasure, Jared.

I’m really excited to share Harry and his partner’s new SPAC with you. And I can tell you right now, if it’s like the last deal they did a few months ago, our viewers could do extremely well.

You could have quadrupled your money in just six months on that last deal.



Now, I want to talk about the unique vehicle this deal will take… a SPAC… which has become a buzzword this year, right?


Jared, it’s crazy. EVERYBODY is talking about SPACs right now.

It’s by far the hottest investment vehicle on Wall Street this year.

For example, consider Bill Ackman. He’s a billionaire who recently made almost a 10,000% gain during the coronavirus, in what some are calling the “greatest trade of all time.”

Today, Bill is now launching the largest SPAC in history.


Amazing. Now, for someone who’s never heard of this type of deal before… walk us through it.

From what I understand, a SPAC is similar to a pre-IPO, but a lot better.

A chance for everyday folks to FINALLY get a piece of the private market… for the kind of 10-bagger potential we hear about with companies like Airbnb and 23andMe.

Is that about right?



The first thing to understand is this…

What you’re about to see is not a conventional stock… bond… ETF… option… crypto… IPO… or any asset you’ve likely ever heard of before.

SPACs are much different.

They’ve actually existed for years… but as we’ll explain, with the coronavirus coming along and crashing the stock market, they have soared in popularity.

Already, you could have more than doubled your money on seven different SPACs recently. In some cases, made over four times your money.

For example, take Virgin Galactic.


Yeah, let’s talk about that. I mean… man… that was one of the best opportunities I’ve seen in my life.


Right. So…

For everyone watching…

Last December, I publicly recommended a company called Virgin Galactic. They work in a new industry called “space tourism.” Their customers pay $250,000 for a trip into space… on custom-made rockets.

… which sounds pretty far-fetched, right?


Not if you knew the executives…


Right. For me, one of my greatest resources is the network I built across 25-plus years on Wall Street.

I got a call from a friend on Wall Street. This guy has managed billions for some of the most well-known hedge-fund managers in history.

He was a major shareholder in Virgin Galactic… and explained why the company had 10X potential upside.

Within 45 minutes, my contact got me on a text message thread with the CEO. And I was invited down to New Mexico – for a personal tour of their spaceport.

And I realized two things…

First, the company had already sold around $150 million worth of trips into space.

And second, the company had been private for years. Which means for most of this firm’s existence, you couldn’t buy stock.


And that was by choice, right?


Right. The founder – billionaire Richard Branson – did NOT want to take the company public. At least, not the old-fashioned way.

Mostly because launching an IPO is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

So, he worked out a deal with a small group of very successful private investors… In particular, a young billionaire venture capitalist who was an early executive at Facebook.

If you’d known this guy… and got into this deal… you could have gotten a stake in Virgin Galactic BEFORE it went public… for just TEN BUCKS a share.

It’s a vehicle known as a “SPAC.” And when I discovered and vetted this SPAC back in December 2019… I told everyone who would listen to buy immediately.Virgin Galactic Holdings (SPCE) Buy Graph


Including me! A week after your recommendation, I got in.


How’d you do?


The thing skyrocketed. I sold a quarter of my position for an 800% gain, just to take some profits off the table. Sold another quarter for 10 times my money. And I’m letting the rest ride. And for me, this was all really impressive, because it was my first time buying a SPAC.

And that’s why we’re here today.

You see, part of my job is sorting through the hundreds of emails we get from our readers each week.

And man!

After Enrique told us about that SPAC deal on Virgin Galactic, the notes poured in from our readers.

For example, Tony B. wrote, “I have made over 100% on Virgin Galactic. Good call.”*

Robert B. wrote, “I’m up over $32,000 on my Virgin Galactic investment.”

And check this out…

Bill B. – a man who once ran for Congress in California – sent us a note saying he’d taken a huge position in Enrique’s Virgin Galactic recommendation… and was currently up nearly $10 million. Assuming he held onto his stake, by early July, he’d have been up an extraordinary $29 million!

*Standard Disclaimer: The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.


Yeah. All thanks to a SPAC… A way to essentially get into a private deal Pre-IPO, but with a much, much quicker and easier path to making money.

And that’s why I think this newest deal from Harry Sloan – which we’re sharing with you today – has a chance to go down as one of the best investment opportunities you’ll see for decades. It could be even better than Virgin Galactic.

A secret to finding these deals


And why do you say that…?


There’s a secret to making money on private deals.

For me, it all goes back to an experience I had about five years ago…

You see – I was managing more than $1 billion on Wall Street. And one morning a colleague pulled me aside and said, “Enrique. A friend of mine has started up a new company. It’s going to be huge. Want to invest?”

And my reaction was very foolish.

I told him absolutely not. No way.


You didn’t trust the guy?


I trusted him.

But by that point of my career, I’d made enough money that I was constantly getting pitched on private investments.

Everyone and their brother wanted me to invest in their “special deal.”

In this case, the company founder was making a type of clothing.

He had the gall to think he could launch a multimillion-dollar online apparel company.


Not exactly a cutting-edge product…


Right. So I thought, forget it. I can do better just by investing in public companies, which I’ve been doing all my career. There are tons of companies like Liberty Global, DirecTV, and Bharti Airtel where I’ve made 100% to 200% on my money in less than 24 months.

So why mess around with a little apparel company?!

But the guy was persistent…

Six months later, he came back to me… and said their sales had increased by sixfold. They were selling $6 million worth of apparel products online… but it wasn’t too late for me to get a pre-IPO share.




So I thought, what the hell. And I put in $25,000.

My biggest regret?

I should have invested 10 times that amount.

Their apparel company has since become the most successful retailer of its kind. It STILL hasn’t gone public… but I’ve already made nearly 10 times my money on part of my private investment…

And I’ve got a 15-bagger in the remaining part of my stake.

For me… this was a total game-changer.


Right. I mean, some of the biggest and fastest gains are now happening OUTSIDE the stock market… BEFORE the company goes public…


Yeah. And we’re seeing this in every sector.

Consider CreditKarma, for example…

It’s not a public company, but that hasn’t stopped private investors from buying pre-IPO shares… which are up 46,800%!SPCE

Or consider Airbnb…

Despite its popularity, the company still hasn’t gone public… but you could have already made a 524,900% gain on pre-IPO shares.Airbnb 529,900%


Yeah, and the sad part is…

Most ordinary investors will NEVER get the chance to see these kinds of opportunities.

The Wall Street system wants them to keep buying regular IPOs and stocks… because that leaves all the biggest gains for Wall Street.


The unfortunate reality is, unless you’re super-connected and know the best dealmakers… you’re simply never going to hear about the best private deals. Period.

And, frankly, that’s where a guy like me comes in…

Because again, Jared… there’s a secret to doing this the right way.

It’s how I’m personally up four times my money on pre-IPO shares in a private eyeglass company… up 300% on pre-IPO shares in a mental health company with a 50-to-1 potential payoff… and more.

In fact, the secret I’m going to share today is why I’ve been involved in many different startups to date… And why I recently invested over $1.5 million of my own money into a digital media startup.

But today… right now… it’s YOUR TURN. I’m going to share an opportunity that’s even BETTER than a private pre-IPO, with none of the usual hurdles to getting in. All thanks to my meeting with Harry Sloan, a Hollywood legend.

999,900% gain… BEFORE the IPO?!


And again, this deal is made possible by a newly popular and previously rare investment vehicle known as a SPAC… A private deal that works like investing in a company pre-IPO, but with a far quicker and easier path to making money.

Now, Enrique, we’re going to talk about exactly how SPAC investing works… Why Harry Sloan – the former CEO of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – launched a new SPAC recently… And why you believe it could go down as one of the most successful investment opportunities we’ve shared in 20 years.

Let’s start with a simple question…

What’s the difference between a SPAC… and investing in a traditional company pre-IPO?


Well, the problem with private pre-IPOs – like 23andMe or DoorDash – is that it’s a HUGE headache to invest.

The SEC demands pre-IPO investors be “accredited” – which means extremely wealthy. Plus, you have to deal with lawyers… confidentiality agreements… a ton of paperwork.

SPACs are simply a LOT more accessible, just as lucrative, and far less risky.

All you need is as little as 10 bucks, no matter what your net worth or background. You can collect interest payments while you wait for a huge payoff. And you get the same upside potential as traditional pre-IPOs, with just a click in your brokerage account.

Now, I do want to be clear.

Not every SPAC trades at the same price. Today we’re sharing a number of SPACs that launched at around $10. Some will be more expensive, others will be less expensive.


Now, I know SPACs have been doing extremely well this year… especially in the wake of the coronavirus.

It seems like dozens of companies a month are choosing to go public through a SPAC, rather than through a traditional IPO. And the gains have been ridiculous.

I mean, 670% gains in five months on Nikola… 214% gains in 21 days on Tortoise… 98% in less than a month on Graf Industrial… and many more.

Graf Industrial

But let’s get one thing straight…

Isn’t it sort of… I don’t know… SCARY to be getting into these private deals, when 99% of the public has no clue these vehicles exist?


If you remember one thing I say today, let it be this…

Nowadays, if you want to make REAL MONEY in the investment world, you’re making a huge mistake if you only look at regular companies on the stock market. You’re missing out on some of the biggest gains.

Take Uber, for example…

Remember how excited everyone was, when it went public last year?


Yeah – I mean, the New York Times called it “the biggest Silicon Valley initial public offering in years.”


Well… the stock’s been a huge disappointment. Take a look…Uber

You’d have LOST MONEY on the IPO.

So what happened? How could such a popular company deliver such a mediocre return to public investors?


Well, early investors had probably made most of the money already…


Exactly. Uber is not a young, new company.

It went public in 2019… but it’s been around as a private investment since 2010. Nine years earlier!

And during that time, pre-IPO shares rose almost 1 MILLION percent!Uber

In other words, private investors sucked out all the upside of this company… and by the time it went public, all you got were the leftovers…


Explain for us how that’s possible…

I mean, Uber didn’t change when it went public, right? It still offered the same popular service…


Sure. But a lot of the opportunity had already been realized.

Take a look…Sales Growth chaqrt

According to Goldman Sachs, firms that are less than five years old before they go public have average sales growth of nearly 50% over five quarters… compared to just 19% for firms older than 15 years.

And that’s a huge problem for everyday Americans…

Because the fact is, companies are WAITING LONGER THAN EVER to go public nowadays.

Look at this…Sales to IPO

Today, the average company waits 12 years to go public! Compared to just four years back in 1999.

And when companies DO finally go public, the average market cap is eight times more expensive than it was 40 years ago.


So throughout those years of being private… the companies experience their highest growth… and deliver the returns of that growth to private investors, who are probably all super-connected, right? Like company founders or Silicon Valley insiders…


Right. When you buy a regular IPO, you’re nowhere near the ground floor. Tons of rich, connected people got in ahead of you.

Look at Peloton, for example, the exercise-bike company.

It was one of 2019’s most anticipated IPOs… and the stock has more than doubled. Not bad.Peloton

But if you could have bought a Pre-IPO share as early as 2012… 7 years earlier… you’d have made 5,676% during that time.Peloton 5676%

Private investors made literally 34 times more money, which doesn’t really seem fair, if you think about it…


Yeah, I saw a story on CNBC about this…

It was all about how, in many ways, companies don’t need to go public anymore. They can easily raise money from private investors… and don’t need the cash that comes from an IPO…

So it’s like, why bother going public at all?


Yeah. The reality is, there simply aren’t as many high-growth opportunities for the general public anymore.

Consider this…

According to a Credit Suisse study, there are FEWER companies publicly trading today than there were 40 years ago.

So, there’s more money chasing less opportunity in today’s stock market.


That’s incredibly sad for the everyday American…


One expert has even said policymakers should “democratize” the stock market to fix all this…

And that’s because 90% of IPOs are nothing more than a payday for the private investors who got in at the beginning…

A legal transfer of wealth from the everyday American hoping to get rich, to folks who already are.

Is that fair?

Absolutely not. Look, I come from a really poor background. My family and I lived in a station wagon behind a fleabag motel in Phoenix at one point when I was a kid.

I don’t think it’s right that only super-rich private investors have access to the best high-growth companies at the earliest stages… while everyone else is left with the scraps that go public.


Yeah, and the examples go on…

I mean, software company Slack waited 10 years to go public… and during that time, private investors enjoyed all its early-stage growth and saw a 491% gain on pre-IPO shares.Slack

But after finally going public in 2019, the stock has been pathetic. It’s shown the public a NEGATIVE 25% return. You’d have been better off keeping your money in a zero-interest savings account.Slack 2


The bottom-line is this, Jared… Traditional IPOs just aren’t what they used to be.

And that’s why we’re here today.

Pre-IPOs and private deals are now the best way to get a ground-floor stake in exciting new companies… where much of the best years of sales growth are still ahead of them. Growth that YOU enjoy as a shareholder.

And today, you can get a stake in one of the best opportunities I’ve seen in my two-decade career… for just 10 bucks a share… essentially BEFORE it goes public. And you don’t need to be rich or connected to get in… or go through any of the hassle of a traditional pre-IPO.

It’s all through a powerful and little-known investment vehicle known as a SPAC.



Now, as we’re going to show you in a moment…

Each SPAC is created by a dealmaker. And the most successful of these dealmakers are often people Enrique personally knows – or can easily access.

For example, the Virgin Galactic SPAC was spearheaded by a 43-year-old billionaire from Silicon Valley.

When the electric truckmaker Nikola went public through a SPAC this year, it was led by a former General Motors executive. Someone Enrique has known for almost 25 years.

The online gambling platform DraftKings just went public through a SPAC co-founded by a Hollywood billionaire named Jeff Sagansky, who’s partnering on the NEW deal we’re sharing with you today.

And so on…

So, let’s dive in – and talk about the man responsible for the brand-new SPAC we’re sharing with you right now… one of Enrique’s contacts, whose deal you can buy into in your brokerage account, immediately, if you’re interested.

Hollywood legend, Harry Sloan launches new SPAC


Meet Harry Sloan…

He’s a founding shareholder of the famous film company Lionsgate… and former CEO of legendary Hollywood studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, where he personally oversaw the sequel to the blockbuster movie The Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Prior to that, he built a broadcasting business in Europe that he sold back in 2005 for $2.6 billion, personally pocketing $200 million on the deal.

The Los Angeles Times once summed up his career in one sentence: “Harry likes to win.”


And Jared, one thing I’ll tell you right now about Harry…

He’s a serial entrepreneur with a drive like you’ve never seen.

He once did a deal for a film studio where they invested $2 million and eventually sold for $300 million… a 14,900% return.

He partnered on taking sports-betting company DraftKings public this year, one of the most successful SPAC deals of all time.

As the former chairman of CBS once said, “It’s unwise to bet against someone as determined as Harry.”


I believe it.


Today, this new opportunity of Harry’s could be one of the best investments you see in your life… especially if you get in right now… today.

I mean, imagine buying pre-IPO shares in Tesla… back when Elon Musk first dreamed up the idea…

That’s the kind of opportunity we’re sharing today.


OK. So, let’s get a few things straight…

In short, Harry is about to take a company public…

And… instead of an IPO… it’ll go public through a special vehicle – a vehicle most people have no clue even exists – called a SPAC.

This allows you to quickly and easily buy shares of a private company that could soon have worldwide appeal… with all its years of highest sales growth still ahead of it… and get paid alongside Harry himself.

When Harry makes money, you make money.


And Jared, keep in mind…

That’s one of the best parts of a private deal.

You get to invest alongside some of the smartest company founders in the world and essentially “ride their coattails.”

For example, we’ve all heard of Lyft, the car-sharing company… right?

Well, it’s no surprise the founder has made $695 million.

But one guy, Sean Aggarwal, happened to meet the founder early on. And he told the CEO, somewhat famously, “I’m not sure about this carpool thing.”

But he invested anyway…

And walked away with $117 million!




What you’re about to see is the closest you can get to investing alongside a brilliant founder BEFORE the general public has any clue the company exists, for just $10 a share in many cases.

How this SPAC deal works


And with that… let’s get into exactly how this deal works.

In short, the deal we’re sharing today is known as a SPAC – short for “Special Purpose Acquisition Company.”

Often known as “blank check companies,” these vehicles are essentially a backdoor into the private market. They allow anyone to invest in some of the best private companies, for as little as $10, essentially BEFORE they go public.

Enrique, walk us through an example from 2020.



Consider this…

One of the hottest trends in America right now is the electric car.

For example, Tesla is one of the most talked-about and best-performing stocks in financial history. Up more than 10,000% over the past decade.Tesla

That means you’d have received shares in Nikola BEFORE it began trading. And made three times your money before it even went public!

And then when the company officially went public, you could have made a total of six times your money… in just another 2 weeks!NKLA

In other words, you could have turned every $5,000 investment into $30,000… and gotten in BEFORE most people had ever heard of this electric truck startup.


All thanks to a “SPAC.”


All thanks to a “SPAC.” Right.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works…

The best dealmakers in America are often retired CEOs. The kind of guys who made millions running companies like Johnson & Johnson… McDonald’s… you name it.


And you have access to a lot of these executives, right?


Across my decades-long career I’ve gone out of my way to build relationships with some of the most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs out there.

Even after retirement, they continue making deals. Take a guy like Jim Kilts, for example…


Tell everybody who that is…


Kilts is the former CEO of Gillette, who negotiated its sale to Procter & Gamble for $57 billion.

He pocketed $165 million on the deal.

Now, for most people, that’s enough. After a score like that, you retire… and go lay on a beach.


But not Jim.


No. And that’s where SPACs come in.

They can be a great opportunity for retired CEOs looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity…

A SPAC is a holding company.

It doesn’t have any business operations. It’s just a pool of cash run by a really smart dealmaker who’s looking to invest that pool of cash and make 5 or 10 times his initial investment… without doing any of the hard work himself.

He simply looks around the private market… finds the absolute best business possible… and then he does something very simple. He buys it. And by buying it, the company instantly goes public.


How can a company instantly go public?


That’s the heart of this entire opportunity.

You see, traditional IPOs are rapidly declining.

And one reason is… a lot of companies DON’T WANT to go through the hassle of an IPO anymore.

You have to deal with lawyers, the roadshow, a complete audit… and so on. It can take years to go public, and costs millions of dollars.

And by the way, with the volatility caused by the recent stock market crash, and the threat of a recession, a lot of companies can’t do an IPO right now even if they wanted to! We’ll cover that in a minute.

So, Wall Street launched a vehicle, called Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, that does nothing but collect cash from investors.

These companies are ALREADY PUBLIC…

They’re essentially just pools of cash with their own stock ticker and no business operations whatsoever. They’re run by brilliant CEOs… And their entire purpose is to simply acquire a great private business with all their cash.

When they do – the company they acquire instantly inherits their position on the stock market, and goes public.


Wow. So, it’s basically a backdoor into the stock market…


Absolutely. Take a company like Airbnb, for example. They’re STILL a private company. But if a SPAC came along and acquired them, Airbnb would INSTANTLY be a public company with its own stock ticker. Literally overnight.

And that convenience is one reason why, this year alone, 41 SPACs have already hit the market, accounting for nearly HALF of all money raised for IPOs in 2020!


OK. So, going back to Jim Kilts, the former CEO of Gillette… He’s been involved in creating SPACs?


Exactly. Back in 2016, he had his own SPAC called Conyers Acquisition Corp. He was looking for a deal, and came across a private company that makes protein bars. Actually – the company founded by Robert Atkins… the guy who started the “Atkins Diet.”Conyers Acquistion Pool of Cash


The low-carb diet…


For a while, the Atkins Diet was all the rage.

Atkins’s company made a LOT of money selling low-carb foods.

So here comes Jim Kilts looking for a deal… He sees the Atkins company… and right away, he knows it’s a high-profit business he could expand by hiring all the right people.

So… boom!

His SPAC acquired it… and the company went public.

And just like that, anyone who’d already invested with Jim would have INSTANTLY received shares in Robert Atkins’s company BEFORE it went public and BEFORE it received its own stock ticker.

Today it trades as The Simply Good Foods Company (SMPL).

As a SPAC investor, you’d have gotten in when the company was still private… and paid a little over $10 a share.

By the time it attracted major attention, you could have more than tripled your money.The Simply Good Food Company


OK. But wait a minute…

A “blank check company”?!

Some critics might say: If these companies are just a pool of cash… why would I invest? How do I know a deal is actually going to get done?



You’re not investing in any private business upfront. You’re investing with the DEALMAKER. You’re handing him your cash and saying, “Go make a deal.”

And here’s the best part…

He’s LEGALLY REQUIRED to make a deal within a specified period of time.

While he looks for a target, the money you invest is held in an interest-bearing account. If he doesn’t make a deal, you can get most of your money back, based on the amount of your initial investment. Plus interest!

And once he finds a target… you have a decision to make. He tells you which company he wants to buy and take public… and it’s your choice whether you choose to stay invested.

So with the example I just showed you… if you decided not to invest in Robert Atkins’s company, you could have just cashed out and walked away with a good part of your original stake. Plus interest.

See the difference between that and a traditional Pre-IPO share – where you can lose everything?


Yeah, I mean, normally when you invest in private equity, you’re locked in once you buy the pre-IPO. There’s no going back. And that’s assuming you even qualify to begin with.

But with SPACs, anyone can get into the deal… and you can sell anytime… and you can VETO the dealmaker, if you choose.


You can veto putting your own personal cash in… get your money back… collect your interest and walk away.

As Barron’s recently put it, waiting for the deal to get done is “a nearly risk-free arbitrage opportunity.”

That’s what I love about SPACs. Think about the last time you bought a regular stock, based on some exciting story. A new gold discovery or some hot new tech gadget or whatever…

How many times have you lost money when the story turned out to be complete B.S.?

SPACs are different.

As the Wall Street Journal writes, “SPACs have a built-in safeguard that allows investors to redeem their shares before an acquisition goes through. That means investors… can avoid getting hurt by bad deals.”


So people actually do that? They veto the deal?


Hey, it’s your money and your choice.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, “If SPAC common shareholders don’t like the deal… the overwhelming majority of them will happily take their $10 cash in trust back, plus interest, rather than stick around and hold on to shares in the acquisition target.”

Often, though, it’s a mistake to cash out.

For example, I heard from one man who got into the SPAC deal I shared last December and told me he was “holding over a 300% return on Virgin Galactic.”*

Virgin Galactic

*Standard Disclaimer: The investment results described in these testimonials are not typical. Investing in securities carries a high degree of risk; you may lose some or all of the investment.


And once the deal goes through, when am I allowed to sell the stock?


You can cash out at any time.

Before or after the SPAC announces a deal.

It’s just a click or two in your brokerage account, like any normal stock.

That’s the biggest difference between a SPAC and a traditional pre-IPO share trading on the private market… where the risk is far higher, because a lot of those startups go bankrupt, taking all their investors with them.

In fact, some people like to sell half their SPAC shares when the price doubles… which we’ve seen over and over again this year. That way, you can let the rest of it ride for the long term… like playing with house money.

Why SPACs are booming right now


Now, Enrique, one big question is… Why are SPACs so popular right now?

I mean, according to one study I saw, the volume of SPAC IPOs increased 500% from 2012 to 2019. And halfway into this year alone, the SPAC market had already hit its largest size ever, at more than $21 billion.


One of the reasons is the coronavirus.

The pandemic has actually IMPROVED the SPAC market… which makes sense.

Traditional IPOs rely on market timing. They do best in a roaring bull market. Which means all the volatility caused by the coronavirus has led to a massive drop in public offerings this year.

Remember, IPO deals often fall apart even during the best of times. Bankers haggle over the valuation… the CEO gets cold feet… private investors pull out… all kinds of things can go wrong with a traditional IPO deal.

So as you can imagine… with all the uncertainty in today’s coronavirus economy… private investors and banks are more reluctant than ever to take an unknown company public.


Got it. So if I’m a growing, successful company looking to raise cash right now, and nobody on Wall Street will take me public… then SPACs are essentially the perfect backdoor…


Exactly. And this isn’t a secret.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a full profile of SPACs, writing: “Fallout from the coronavirus has fueled a fresh wave of interest in an unusual investment vehicle… the blank-check company… It is a backdoor way of doing an initial public offering. And with the IPO market rattled by Covid-19 and wild volatility, it has become a more attractive way to go public.”


Well, that explains the numbers…

Dealogic recently reported that IPOs in the U.S. raised $2.6 billion in a single recent month. Of that, $2.2 billion went to SPACs!

In other words, in just one month this year, 80% of all money raised for U.S. initial public offerings went to blank-check firms, compared with an average of 9% over the past decade.


Yeah, because keep in mind…

A lot of great companies have been hurt by the coronavirus. If they tried to IPO right now, they wouldn’t be valued nearly as high as they would have just a year ago.

Wall Street simply can’t provide them with the cash they need to keep growing.

So they’re turning to SPACs.

As Yahoo Finance recently reported: “SPAC [dealmakers] say the coronavirus pandemic may explain why there’s been an uptick in SPAC activity this year. As private companies’ valuations fall and they look for liquidity, SPACs could fill a void left by traditional IPOs.”


And then of course… the other big benefit for a company is, it’s much EASIER to go public through a SPAC than a regular IPO, right?

I mean, I saw Bloomberg write: SPACs are “substantially quicker, taking only a few months, as opposed to up to a year if a company follows the full traditional IPO process.”



You skip the entire regulatory headache of preparing to go public. As the Virgin Galactic CEO told Fortune magazine: “It required less (managerial) bandwidth and less time quite frankly.”

And remember Nikola, the electric truckmaker whose SPAC would have made you six times your money in four months?

The company’s CFO recently told the Wall Street Journal: “We chose the SPAC route because there was simply too much uncertainty in the market with the coronavirus. If we had pursued the IPO path, we would not be a public company at this point.”




Yeah, because keep in mind…

A lot of great companies have been hurt by the coronavirus. If they tried to IPO right now, they wouldn’t be valued nearly as high as they would have just a year ago.

Wall Street simply can’t provide them with the cash they need to keep growing.

So they’re turning to SPACs.

As Yahoo Finance recently reported: “SPAC [dealmakers] say the coronavirus pandemic may explain why there’s been an uptick in SPAC activity this year. As private companies’ valuations fall and they look for liquidity, SPACs could fill a void left by traditional IPOs.”


And then of course… the other big benefit for a company is, it’s much EASIER to go public through a SPAC than a regular IPO, right?

I mean, I saw Bloomberg write: SPACs are “substantially quicker, taking only a few months, as opposed to up to a year if a company follows the full traditional IPO process.”



You skip the entire regulatory headache of preparing to go public. As the Virgin Galactic CEO told Fortune magazine: “It required less (managerial) bandwidth and less time quite frankly.”

And remember Nikola, the electric truckmaker whose SPAC would have made you six times your money in four months?

The company’s CFO recently told the Wall Street Journal: “We chose the SPAC route because there was simply too much uncertainty in the market with the coronavirus. If we had pursued the IPO path, we would not be a public company at this point.”




In the meantime… certain companies are desperate for cash right now. And if there’s one thing a SPAC can provide, it’s cash!

So SPACs are the ultimate solution for a small company that can’t afford to go public right now.

In fact, one company – a tiny little online car retailer that got hit hard by the coronavirus – recently went from having to lay off some of their employees… to being on the verge of going public just four months later through a SPAC. And now they’re stronger than ever!


And it’s a win-win for SPAC investors, too, right? Because SPACs are now buying up high-quality companies like that at BARGAIN rates…


Absolutely. The popularity of SPACs isn’t just from companies who can’t IPO the old-fashioned way. It’s from smart dealmakers who realize this market is offering trophy assets at a fraction of the normal price.

For an investor, it’s the difference between buying a company like Airbnb at say $50 a share when it goes public… versus claiming a stake at TEN BUCKS A SHARE when the company is still private.

That’s how you get rich on IPOs.

One study even said outright: “SPACs are dominating the IPO scene—and some investors believe a recession could lead to more of them!”


Which is great if you can access the best dealmakers…


Well, fortunately, I can.

And nobody understands how to take advantage of a situation like this better than Harry Sloan… the dealmaker behind the SPAC we’re sharing today. He spent years as a Hollywood executive – a cutthroat business.

You’ve seen the movie Rocky, right?


Of course. Sylvester Stallone, the Italian Stallion.



Well, check this out…

In the 2000s, Stallone was considered “box office poison.” In fact, he later told the L.A. Times: “Selling me at that time was no easy task. You would have had better luck selling anthrax in a Pez dispenser.”

But that didn’t stop Harry…

He realized a bargain when he saw it… Picked up Stallone for next to nothing… and released the blockbuster sequel Rocky Balboa.


Love it. And he’s applying that same mindset to the market, I’m sure…


You bet he is.

Right now, there are thousands of companies who’ve had near-death experiences… they’re desperate for cash… and financing is near ZERO. It’s the perfect environment for this type of deal.

This is unfortunate for those companies… but a great opportunity for SPAC dealmakers.

A crashing stock market… an economic recession… a pandemic… riots in the street… any bad thing that comes along will eventually end up working in their favor. That is one of the biggest advantages of their business model.

The SPAC dealmaker

Click here to watch the SPAC Investing Summit rebroadcast


One question…

With Harry’s success in Hollywood, is his new company some kind of entertainment business…? Like a new Netflix or some kind of new streaming platform?


I’m glad you asked that question… because the answer points to the entire secret of making money on deals like this.

And the secret is this…

Forget about what the company does. That’s not the first consideration.

Now, I realize that’s a lot different than ordinary stocks… where you’d only invest if the company has some fantastic new product or service.

But with SPACs, what matters most is the DEALMAKER.

How good is he at getting deals done?


OK. But Enrique… you’ve worked with a lot of brilliant people. Why a Hollywood executive? Don’t you have any Wall Street contacts who are putting together SPACs?


I know a lot of smart people in finance, sure.

The SOEs back in the late ’90s, for instance. Imagine making $50 million right out of college. That’s–


Hold on. What’s an SOE?


Back in the late ’90s, the Nasdaq had something known as the Small Order Execution System, or “SOE.” Some friends of mine figured out to game the system and get a slight advantage over every single trade from an institution.


Was that legal?


It was… although, funny enough, these traders were later called “SOE Bandits.”

My friends personally pocketed something like $50 million right out of Wharton Business School doing that.

Eventually, the loophole closed. I know a lot of guys like this doing great stuff today… but I think Harry is in the best position to create one of the best SPAC opportunities.


Gotcha. So, to make money with SPACs, you’ve got to get in with a smart dealmaker…


It’s a must. And not only that, but you should be able to pick up the phone and talk to him. Lucky for me – I’ve worked long enough in the hedge fund world, managing more than a billion dollars, to enjoy that kind of access.

For example, I’ve had the chance to meet with Dr. John Malone a half dozen times over the past 20 years. He’s a multibillionaire and the largest landowner in the U.S.


Crazy. How are you able to make these connections?


If you want to make serious money in the investment world, one of the most important things is your network. I’m constantly talking to CEOs and visiting headquarters.

For example, one of my old Wharton friends is the head of investment banking for SPACs at an active brokerage. And one of my fraternity brothers trades one of the largest SPAC portfolios on Wall Street.


And of all the brilliant minds you could tap right now… Harry Sloan is the man we should all be listening to…



Again, this guy is one of the best entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen. And he has a big stake in this deal himself, so he’s determined to make money.

And get this. His business partner is Jeff Sagansky, the former president of CBS.

He and Jeff both ran a SPAC that recently took the online gambling platform DraftKings public.

If you’d gotten in, you could have turned every $5,000 investment into $20,000 since it went public earlier this year… a deal so successful that it’s been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune magazine, and more.DraftKings

And now… today… Jeff has partnered with Harry on his newest SPAC – like the half dozen others they’ve done together. The one we’re urging you to buy immediately.

And remember: Once you invest, if you don’t like Harry’s new company… if you don’t like the business he’s taking public through the SPAC… you can get your investment back with interest!


To me, that’s just incredible.

So, you get back EVERY PENNY you invest if you don’t like the deal, right?


Right. Once you invest, your money is held in an escrow account, earning interest. As soon as Harry announces a deal, he takes a vote among shareholders. If you’re in favor of moving forward… you can stay invested and earn interest on your investment once the company is acquired.

If you’re not in favor, you cash out.

That means you’ll get back most of the money you invested.

Now, as we mentioned before, we can’t guarantee that it will be $10 for every SPAC. Some deals have different rules.

And to most people, all of this sounds too good to be true.

But that’s because they don’t understand the vehicle behind it.

Again – it’s not an ordinary stock… which is one more reason SPACs are so popular right now. If we see another crash this year, you’re far better off with a SPAC than a popular blue chip.

Even thrives during a crash


That’s a good point.

When a day like March 16, 2020 comes along… the valuations of private companies don’t change at all, do they?


You can’t trade out of a private investment as easily as publicly traded stocks. That means you’re protected from some of the emotional hysteria that causes market crashes.

I mean, March 16 was the worst one-day drop in history, right?

Lowe’s, Boeing, and Capital One all fell 20%, among dozens more.

But look at a private company like Palantir. A software firm that’s shown early investors a 11,280% gain.

Its value didn’t change one penny that day.

And frankly, Jared, most private investors are smart enough to realize that a great business will remain a great business despite the latest piece of bad news to hit the economy.


But in this case, you’re not locked in forever…


No, of course not.

You see, SPACs offer a major advantage over traditional pre-IPOs.

In short, you can sell your position any time you’d like, as easily as a stock… even if the company being targeted is still private.

And the value of that target company won’t change as much in a crash!

That’s why companies love SPACs. Instead of haggling over their value with investment bankers, they get essentially a “blank check,” right? The entire value of the SPAC.

For example, Bill Ackman is now launching a $4 billion SPAC, the largest ever. That’s essentially a $4 billion “blank check” he can cut to any company he wants to take public.


Love it. So, you can buy and sell shares to your heart’s content… before or after the company goes public.


Right. And those shares are always just TEN BUCKS at the beginning. As Barron’s recently put it, SPACs “give investors a chance to get on the ground floor of a new stock, with daily liquidity and a guaranteed redemption value.”


And it seems like more and more companies and dealmakers are getting involved in this space every day…

I saw Goldman Sachs just raised $700 million for a new SPAC… the former CEO of Honeywell… a former Citigroup executive…

Even the Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange just said SPACs are now, “larger and have some of the most well-known business leaders sponsoring them, which makes them more attractive to investors.”


Sure. The whole entire secret is hearing about the best dealmakers… who don’t advertise this stuff.

If you know the SPAC space and the dealmakers like I do, you can actually discover these opportunities before almost anyone else knows about them.

And that’s why this opportunity is so rare today.

We’ve essentially cut to the front of the line… to help YOU learn about this deal today, right now… before 99% of the general public has any clue it exists, if you’re interested.

Get in… BEFORE the SPAC deal goes public


Love it. OK. So, tell us more about Harry’s SPAC.




What do you mean…?


I can’t give you or any of our viewers any particular details about the company Harry is targeting. I’m sorry, but I can’t.


Why not…?


I’ve written a full research report on this situation, which I’m not willing to share just yet.

And by the way… Typically, a SPAC doesn’t EVER want to announce the deal until after all the negotiations with the target company are complete.

Otherwise it could cause the SPAC’s share price to spike BEFORE a deal officially goes through…


Oh, right. Didn’t that just happen with an electric carmaker…?


Yeah, it sure did.

In early July, one SPAC shot up 71% based on nothing more than a RUMOR that it was targeting Fisker, an automaker that’s looking to produce electric SUVs.


And that rumor wasn’t even confirmed, right?


Right. Bloomberg said the whole thing could be a case of “mistaken identity.” But that didn’t stop the SPAC from almost doubling overnight!

The only difference in this case is… by buying the SPAC right now, BEFORE the deal is common knowledge… you could see the price of your shares skyrocket as soon as the deal is all over the media.


And that’s no joke…

I mean, DraftKings – the SPAC launched by Harry and his business partner – almost doubled just on news of the deal itself, right?

And I saw another SPAC – Landcadia Holdings – popped 38% in just eight hours after their deal was announced.Landcadia Holdings



So, don’t wait for the details of which company they’re targeting to act on this deal. Like I said earlier, it’s all about the DEALMAKER… trusting that Harry is going to buy a fantastic company, which I’m sure he will.


And you know that from your own personal experience, I’m sure…


Yeah, I met Harry years ago on Wall Street. Absolutely brilliant guy. He was doing a roadshow for a satellite company he was taking public… which ended up doing very well for investors.

I’ve kept in touch with him and his business partner Jeff ever since. They’re both among the leading SPAC dealmakers in America.


Speaking of that… in the past few weeks, you’ve met with almost a dozen of the wealthiest and most successful SPAC dealmakers to find the absolute BEST deal to share with us today, right?


Yes. Over the summer, we spoke with Bill Ackman, Mark Gerhard, Jim Ross, and many other SPAC experts.

Between them, they told me more about SPACs and upcoming SPAC deals than you’ll hear about anywhere else in America. I mean… these are the guys who are personally assembling the biggest deals right now.

And even better… I’ve compiled the best of everything I learned to share with you right now… before even 99% of Wall Street has any clue.


Excellent. Thank you, Enrique.

And that brings us to the biggest question you probably have right now…

In short: How can you get into this deal today?

Well, Enrique has just prepared a new Research Report that explains the full situation. It’s called: SPACs: How to Make 5 to 10 Times Your Money with the Best Private Deals.

Inside, you’ll learn:

Exactly how to buy shares of Harry Sloan’s new SPAC deal right now, no matter what your net worth or background…

How SPACs work…

And best of all, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive video interview with Harry Sloan and Jeff Sagansky, the two businessmen who are putting this deal together.


Yeah, I sat down with Harry and Jeff recently… and filmed an INSIDE LOOK at exactly what their new SPAC could accomplish.

Again, I can’t share details here in public…

But this behind-the-scenes video puts you “in the room” with these two multimillionaire SPAC investors yourself, so you can learn everything you need to know directly from them.


And of course, Harry and Jeff are longtime contacts of yours…


Yes. We got unique access to their insights and how they’re looking to create a blockbuster investment opportunity.


Yeah, I mean normally you’d have to be a large investment institution to even get into the room with–

2,100% potential boost


Hold on, Jared. Let me interrupt.

One thing I forgot to mention.

In our new report on this deal, you’ll also learn about the best part of all…

It’s something we haven’t covered yet…

In short, for every share you buy before the company goes public, you’ll receive a FREE investment that could make you even MORE money.

It’s called a “warrant.”


Yeah, this is exactly how I made money on my Virgin Galactic investment.

Tell everybody what a warrant is…


To put it simply: For every 5% or 10% stock gain, a warrant will typically increase two or three times that amount.

It’s like a stock option you automatically receive as a SPAC investor… which could hand you an extra 100% or more.

For example, consider DraftKings (DKNG), the company that Harry and Jeff recently took public through a SPAC…

The stock quadrupled in six months, as we mentioned earlier. But the warrants did even better.

They returned 2,163%, in the same time span. In other words, you’d have received an extra 22 times your money in addition to the 300% gainer you’d have made on the stock!DraftKings


Yeah, and let me jump in here to say…

When I bought the Virgin Galactic SPAC, I specifically invested in the warrants, which made me eight times my money on part of the position… and TEN TIMES my money on another part.

And by the way…

If you’re familiar with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud… Steve has been following warrants for years.

For example, a few years ago, he recommended warrants in Hartford Financial, for 105% gains… Wells Fargo, for 122% gains… and PNC Financial, for 709% gains. It’s one of the best-performing recommendations in Stansberry Research history.


Now Jared, here’s the cool part…

Typically, you have to buy a warrant separately from the stock.

But with almost every SPAC, you receive a free warrant with every share you buy if you get in before the company goes public. Sometimes we’ll recommend buying the warrant outright even AFTER the deal goes through.

My new research report will explain exactly how this works, and how to use this extra feature to maximize your gains.

But one thing I need to make very clear…

Harry has a lot of investment vehicles out there and we’re focused on just ONE of them, which we’ll share with you.


Yeah, that’s a really important point.

Harry is a serial entrepreneur who has dozens of deals in the works at any given time. Without our report – you could end up buying the WRONG INVESTMENT by accident… which could be a costly mistake.


Yeah. If you’re serious about the opportunity we’re sharing here… you’ll ONLY get the full details in my report. Period. Nowhere else. The SPAC opportunity Harry and Jeff have put together is still not known by 99% or more of the general public.

How to get your stake… immediately


OK. We’ve covered what a SPAC is… We’ve covered the deal…

Now, here’s where YOU come in…

In short, private investors have been making a killing for years.

For example, the earliest investors in Pinterest – the social media site – saw a pre-IPO gain of 558,000%. That turns every $100 investment into more than half a million dollars!Pinterest 558,000%

Meanwhile, the stock is flat since going public.Pinterest

And yet… the general public was excluded from this Pre-IPO deal… because, according to SEC regulations, you have to be a wealthy accredited investor to qualify.

But today… we’re finally sharing a backdoor.


It’s a genuine backdoor anyone can use to get into private deals. And it costs as little as $10 a share, the standard price for all new SPAC deals.


And that’s where this story takes an interesting turn…


Right. Earlier this year, our team took a trip to New York City to attend the world’s biggest SPAC conference.

It was a room full of bankers involved in pre-IPO deals. Most were looking to raise money… invest… or both.

Well… during the conference… we realized we were one of the ONLY financial journalists in the entire place! Everyone else was a banker. And when the bankers realized that, we got a LOT of attention.

See, the irony is… bankers are actually DESPERATE to find everyday Americans who want a piece of their SPAC deals.

And that gave us an idea…

See, I hear about hundreds of private deals a month, from dealmakers who NEVER advertise.


So, the minute we started hearing about all these new SPAC deals, I told Enrique, “Man… we’ve got to publish this…”


Yeah, I mean, look.

At this point of my career, all I want to do is help everyday folks learn how to make more money. Retirees, small business owners, you name it.

I launched my first hedge fund with about half a million bucks, grew it by more than 130,000%, and made all the money I need. Today I’m retired from that world, to spend more time with my wife and two children, and a third on the way. I even turned down a seven-figure salary on Wall Street.

Instead… for the first time ever… I’m doing something new.


In short, we’re launching a brand-new product.

It’s called Empire SPAC Investor.

Each month, Enrique will share the best new SPAC he comes across… deals as good as the one he shared today – which he’ll hear about through his network.

He’ll show you how to claim pre-IPO stakes in the hottest new companies.

For example, one of his contacts is a Wall Street veteran who runs a major SPAC investment banking team. He’s so powerful I can’t even tell you his name here in public.


Yeah, I mean… Jared, guys like this call me all the time now, because there’s no other SPAC product available to regular folks.

These bankers are eager to share their newest deal, because I’m the only person sharing them with the general public!

In short, I use everything I’ve learned after 20 years as a money manager, managing more than a billion dollars… to filter out the garbage… and only share the absolute BEST SPAC DEALS in America. I only recommend deals which, if our roles were reversed, I’d personally invest in myself.

Like the time a friend told me about Felix Gray…

It’s a private company that makes UV-protective eyeglasses. I’m sitting on a three- or four-bagger so far.

I’ll be sharing the deals I find exclusively with charter members of my new research service, Empire SPAC Investor.

There’s a lot of money to be made in this growing market… but you need GROUND FLOOR access. You need to talk directly to the people involved. You can’t just read about this stuff on a website.

As Barron’s recently wrote: “New SPAC issuance is soaring, with multiple initial public offerings a week for several weeks running.”

Finding the best of these opportunities is what I’ll be doing through hundreds of hours of research, travel, and phone calls every single month.


And the potential here is just astronomical compared to ordinary stock investing, right? I mean you–


Oh, absolutely. I mean, just consider Graf Industrial… a SPAC that nearly doubled in one month this summer.


Or consider Blue Bird… an automaker that went public through a SPAC. You could have more than doubled your money.

Blue Bird

Or consider Clarivate Analytics…

It’s an info service company that went public in 2018 through a SPAC. There, you could have tripled your money.

Clarivate Plc 209%

Or consider Immunovant, a SPAC from 2019.

Again… you could have tripled your money.

Immunovant 225%

Or look at Repay Holdings, another SPAC from 2019. Again, you could have more than doubled your money.

Repay Holdings 158%

I could keep going, Jared…

Special Bonus: “The SPAC Deal Room”


I know you can… and that brings me to a special bonus we’re sharing today…

In short, the reason I flew 2,000 miles to the desert of Arizona to meet with Enrique today is because – as I said before – he’s considered your “gatekeeper” to the SPAC industry.

He has DIRECT ACCESS to almost all of the biggest players in the SPAC world. He knows how to get you “in the room” on all the best new deals – and pinpoint the best opportunities.

And that’s why, in our brand-new product Empire SPAC Investor, we’re creating a special feature I think you’re going to love.

It’s called The SPAC Deal Room.

Enrique, can you talk about that?


Sure. Here’s how it works.

I said before that my biggest secret is the great network I built across decades!

All the people I know and can access.

So, I recently created a virtual deal room. It consists of in-depth, behind-the-scenes interviews with the best SPAC dealmakers in America. All of these folks are multimillionaires and billionaires who are often considered “legends” in the finance world.

When you join Empire SPAC Investor, you’ll get instant access to this Deal Room, with all of the interviews I’ve pulled from these experts. You’ll get unique insights on SPACs you simply won’t hear about anywhere else – because it only exists among the most connected investors, who speak directly to me and my readers.


And throughout the year, you’ll be adding to this Deal Room by meeting with other dealmakers and sharing all the best and most exclusive content you come across, right? Interviews… “on-the-ground” videos…


Right. In addition to our regular monthly briefings, I’ll constantly add exclusive content to the Deal Room.


And by the way…

When Enrique says he’s connected, it’s no joke. He was the first hire at Empire Financial Research, one of the fastest-growing and most exciting new investment research firms in the world.

It was launched last year by Whitney Tilson, one of the best-known analysts in U.S. finance… who’s been called “the “Prophet” by CNBC for the accuracy of his predictions.

Like the time he called the collapses of bitcoin and Tilray… the market bottom in March 2020… bought Apple at $1.42, Amazon at $48, McDonald’s at $13, among dozens of other calls that have landed him on 60 Minutes twice.

One of Whitney’s closest friends is hedge-fund manager Bill Ackman, who recently made $2 billion trading the coronavirus crash.

And yet… when looking to build his new firm, the first person Whitney reached out to was Enrique.

Take a look…

As Whitney Tilson recently said:

“Enrique is a veteran of 25 years on Wall Street. Almost that entire period, he’s been studying and investing in SPACs. So he deep industry knowledge. And in particular, you’ve got to know who the sponsors are behind the SPACs to gauge whether they’re likely to find a great company to invest in and be able to strike a great deal that benefits the SPAC shareholders.

Enrique’s got the experience, and very importantly, the RELATIONSHIPS to do that well… and get in BEFORE the deals are announced and the stocks really pop. And there’s nobody better than Enrique to separate the wheat from the chaff and pick the right SPACs to get into.”

And that’s why we’re pleased to announce the official charter opening, today, of Enrique’s brand-new SPAC research service, Empire SPAC Investor… the ONLY product of its kind.

Each share could cost as little as $10… You can reject the deal before it goes through and walk away with most of your money… you can collect interest while waiting for a huge potential payoff… and EVEN AFTER the deal goes through, you can buy or sell anytime, in your regular brokerage account.


In fact, one more thing…

Sometimes these shares cost LESS THAN $10.

Depending on the market… if things are unstable from the coronavirus, for example… they might cost eight or nine bucks instead.

But here’s the best part…

If you reject the deal and walk away, you can often sell your shares at potentially the full standard $10 value.


How often does that happen?


It happens. For instance, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, many SPACs traded at discounts to their cash held in trust. As much as 2%.

This means you could essentially buy $1 worth of U.S. Treasury securities (where the SPACs typically hold their cash) for 98 cents… And get all the huge upside of the deal itself virtually for free.


So a crisis can get you an even better deal sometimes…



One story I love is the 2008 financial crisis…

Whitney launched a SPAC fund called the T2 SPAC Fund in October of that year.

At the time, he was running a $100 million hedge fund. He saw dozens of SPACs trading for less than $10, so he and his business partner created a side fund, raised about $5 million, invested in a basket of SPACs – and more than doubled his investors’ money in less than a year.



So, there you have it.

This is by far the easiest way we know to access private deals for the biggest and fastest potential gains in the world right now…

Keep in mind…


Just keep in mind…

Empire SPAC Investor isn’t cheap.

Enrique turned down a million-dollar salary to launch this new product.

Over 20 years, he ran three different hedge funds – two of which he founded – and made money in every bull market and major downturn along the way. Including the blowup of Long-Term Capital Management, the dot-com melt up and subsequent meltdown, the 2008 crisis, and the decade-long bull market that ended earlier this year with the coronavirus.

Six months before 9/11, he launched his first fund with money raised from family and friends… and grew it into $2.5 billion.

He went from being an ordinary banker at Lehman Brothers to one of Wall Street’s most demanded analysts, through a variety of uncannily accurate calls.

Like his predictions to bet against Anheuser-Busch, before the stock fell 40%… Kraft, before the stock fell 47%… and General Electric, before it plummeted 73%.

Or his 240% gain in 23 months on Solutia…

His 229% gain in 22 months on TRW Automotive…

His 167% gain in 21 months on Dana Incorporated… and more.

Until recently, the only way to access Enrique’s investment ideas was by joining his hedge fund, where you’d have paid “2 and 20″… 2% of your assets and 20% of your profits, which amounted to a fortune.

So, we’re charging a higher-than-usual price.

One full year of Empire SPAC Investor will normally cost $5,000. And frankly, it’s a bargain at that rate.

For example, you could have made 21 times your money in under three months on the Nikola SPAC we mentioned… launched by Enrique’s friend Steve, a former exec at General Motors.

Nikola Warrants


We realize what a difficult year this has been for most people. After the biggest market crash since 2008… and a stock market many are now considering a “bubble”… we think SPACs are a much, much better place to put your money right now than ordinary stocks.

That’s why, today, we’re willing to make you a special offer.

In short: If you get in today, before charter enrollment ends, we’ll knock $2,500 off the price… a 50% discount.

You’ll pay just $2,500 for one full year.


It gets even better.

You see, Enrique has never forgotten his roots.

After growing up poor in Phoenix, where his family often lived in trailer parks and motels… he skipped the usual MBA route and went straight to Wall Street in the early 1990s to work in private equity, determined to make his fortune.

As he later put it, “I was tired of being poor.”

After making his first couple of million dollars, he came home, wrote his mother a check for $500,000, and told her she’d never have to work again.

Today, he’s determined to help ordinary Americans enjoy the same kind of freedom. And if there’s one thing Enrique hates, it’s seeing someone promise “financial freedom” in a message like this… then fail to deliver.

That’s why, through this special charter offer…

We’re willing to make you a powerful new guarantee.



Look. We’ve talked about big gains today, and we want to deliver.

So, here’s my guarantee.

If you don’t see the chance to at least TRIPLE your money in our model portfolio over the next 12 months, then you’ll receive a second year of access to Empire SPAC Investor, free of charge.

Even if you make a 199% gain… doesn’t matter.

You’ll still get comped a full $5,000 subscription for a second year. It’s the only way I’ll do business.

What you’ll receive


Awesome. Well, that sounds more than fair to me. And I’m sure you’ll be posting gains a lot bigger than a triple, based on your track record…

As a new member of Empire SPAC Investor, you’ll receive Enrique’s model portfolio in the next few minutes.

It includes the full details on how to buy into Harry Sloan’s new SPAC private deal immediately. Again, don’t try to guess the ticker symbol on your own, or you risk buying the wrong investment and losing money.

Plus, you’ll hear about TWO MORE SPAC deals we urge you to consider right now, which I think you’re going to love.

The fact is, private equity deals have a decades-long, proven history of delivering multiple times higher gains than ordinary stocks… if you’re lucky enough to hear about them and get in.

Like Robinhood, up 6,297%.Robinhood

SoundHound, up 2,132%.


Buzzfeed, up 7,942%. Among hundreds more.


Each month for the next year, Enrique will email you a full briefing on his newest SPAC recommendation… and the best and most interesting opportunities he sees in the SPAC universe.

Each will have the potential to double or triple your money over the short run and make you 10 times your money or more over the long run.

You’ll receive all the info you need to quickly and easily buy into the deal for as little as $10 per share, or even less in some cases.

Including how to receive your warrants… which could help you make an extra 100% gain (or more) on each deal.


And Jared, one more thing I want to add…

If you take advantage of this offer today… BEFORE this offer expires… you’ll also receive a FREE copy of my new Master Class.

It’s a series of online training videos where I’ll walk you – in detail, step by step – through the full process of SPAC investing. Including how these deals take shape… where to find the best deals… how to collect your interest payments… and when to buy and sell for the biggest potential gains.

Think of it as a crash course for anyone who wants to go really deep on this topic.


Amazing. And I’m sure you could charge as much as $5,000 to access your Master Class alone. But you’re giving this away – FREE… TODAY… to all new charter subscribers.



But you must get in today. BEFORE this offer expires.


Remember, Enrique will get you access to deals with some of the best dealmakers in America to help you see the highest gains possible.

Experts like Mario Gabelli, a money manager who’s been profiled on the Forbes list of billionaires, to name just one example.

In the next few minutes, you’ll receive your password to the Empire SPAC Investor website, where you’ll have full access to:

Enrique’s new research report: SPACs: How to Make 5 to 10 Times Your Money with the Best Private Deals.

Including his exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Harry Sloan and Jeff Sagansky – the multimillionaire businessmen who created the SPAC deal we’re sharing today.

Plus, you’ll receive access to The SPAC Deal Room, which currently consists of eight tell-all interviews with the most powerful SPAC experts in America.

Enrique will be in touch with you throughout the month to share any important updates, like when to add to each position and sell.

Just remember: We’re opening access for the first time ever, and we’re closing this charter offer soon. So, if you’re interested, we urge you to get in today, before it’s too late. You’ll save $2,500 off the price…

Lock in the performance guarantee…

And get a FREE copy of Enrique’s Master Class.

I think you’ll find it’s more than worth it…

As one of Enrique’s earliest readers, Leal W. says, “I have a 100% win rate so far on Enrique’s recommendations.”*

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Having said that, we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take the next 30 days to look over Empire SPAC Investor. We think you’ll make a fortune on the SPAC deals you’ll hear about.

But if you’re not happy for any reason, no problem.

Simply contact our Member Services team, and you’ll receive a FULL CREDIT REFUND of everything you pay today. And you can apply that credit to any other product published by Empire Financial Research.

For example, we also publish Whitney Tilson’s flagship research letter, the Empire Investment Report. Whitney taps his network of hedge-fund managers, including David Einhorn, Leon Cooperman, and Bill Ackman (all of whom are subscribers)… and shows you which stocks could double or triple your money. Five different billionaires have already subscribed.

Or you can get credit for any of Enrique’s other research services… Empire Elite Trader, a weekly trading product with a phenomenal track record, and Empire Elite Growth, a longer-term growth stock product that aims for 500% to 1,000% gains… both of which have drawn massive acclaim.

As reader Andrew E. says, “I can easily say that I’ve cleared $5,000 from taking small positions with [Enrique’s] recommendations.”

So, if you enjoy our research, you’re fully protected.

The bottom-line is this: You can either keep buying ordinary stocks… or you could try SPACs – a completely new way of investing – for the chance to make multiple times more money.

To secure your spot, click here.

Just don’t forget…

If you order right now, before this charter offer expires, you’ll receive 50% OFF the standard price… and you’ll be protected by one of the best guarantees we’ve ever made.

See the chance to triple your money in our model portfolio over the next 12 months, or you’ll get a second year, valued at $5,000, absolutely free of charge.

Plus… order today and you’ll get a FREE copy of the SPACs Master Class.

Enrique, anything you want to add?


Yeah, I’d like to say something personal.

The first tattoo I ever got is this. It says ONE LIFE.

You’ve got to enjoy every moment of your life… because pretty soon, you’ll be gone. Do you really want to spend your time chasing a salary?

This has never been more clear to me. Recently, right after I left Wall Street, my mother passed away. Months later, I lost my father.

You’ve got to enjoy your life NOW.

Maximize every moment of your life NOW.

For me, as an investor, that means never, ever invest unless you could realistically make 1,000%. Make every dollar count. That’s what I’ll strive to do each month in this new product.


Well said. Thank you for that.

Again, we urge you to place your order now, before this offer expires, to secure your charter membership to Empire SPAC Investor at 50% off the normal price, and our performance guarantee.

Click here to claim your charter membership.

Thanks for watching.Jared Kelly sig

Jared Kelly
Managing Director, Empire Financial Research

P.S. Remember: If you order today – before this offer expires – you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Enrique’s Master Class ($5,000 value).


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