New Trade for June 26th 2020

The World Health Organization just issued a new warning.

“The pandemic is still accelerating,” said WHO’s director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  “We know the pandemic is much more than a health crisis, it’s an economical crisis, a social crisis and in many countries a political crisis.”

Arizona Gov. Doung Ducey recently noted,  “Looking at the last two weeks of data, there is a trend.  And that trend is headed in the wrong direction.  The actions we’re going to take are intended to change that direction and reverse that trend.”

Yesterday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that the state will pause any further reopening, and asked hospitals to postpone all elective surgeries to protect hospital capacity for Covid-19 patients.

California Gov. Gavin Newsome just tweeted.  “Californians are now REQUIRED to wear face coverings in public spaces.

Some states are bringing back restrictions as state governments navigate spiking cases and hospitalizations.   

We’ve mentioned a few ways to profit from continued virus fears… 

There is one stock we’ve been watching since it’s huge spike in February. 

It’s one of  the original favorites from when the pandemic first began, currently it’s at a significant point which could indicate another upward retracement, possibly to its earlier high.

Back in Feb. we saw mask maker Alpha Pro Technologies (APT) stock price soar as it skyrocketed from $5 to $40 in just a few trading sessions before settling back down in March.  This week APT has had a run up based on news of spiking cases, stacking on 25% earlier this week, finding resistance at $20.  If APT can clear that $20 resistance, a retracement to it’s Feb. high could be possible.