Veteran Trader Reveals Exclusive: 32-second “live trading demo”

“It’s easy to make money in the stock market – if you just keep it simple,” – Jeff Clark.

Veteran master trader Jeff Clark has cracked the code, so to speak.

For the past 36 years, he has helped people from all walks of life generate income and retire wealthy.


Jeff himself retired at 42.

How did he do it?

By removing the complexity of trading options.

And he’s ready to share his method with the world.

You see, trading options is designed to reduce risk.

If you use options the right way, you can end up making more when you’re right — and losing less when you’re wrong — as opposed to owning (or shorting) the underlying stock.

Jeff has simplified the process so that it takes minimal effort and no advanced stock market knowledge to begin.

He plays just three stocks over and over.

And he will tell you which three stocks he recommends.

You see, the stock market only moves in three directions.

It moves up.

It moves down.

And it moves sideways.

All you need to do in order to profit is to utilize a strategy that takes advantage of moves in those three directions.

You don’t have to create a trading algorithm. You don’t have to hire a team of high-priced analysts. And you don’t have to sit behind a computer all day, every day, following hundreds of stocks.

It takes 5 minutes a day and no advanced stock market knowledge to begin.

Sound too good to be true?

See for yourself.

Watch his presentation here:



According to Jeff:

“When you trade the same stock over and over again – like I recommend doing – your odds of success go way up. You start to understand how the stock moves. You detect patterns that you wouldn’t otherwise.”

Watch his presentation here.


About Jeff Clark


Jeff retired from his independent, San Francisco-based brokerage house and private money management firm at age 42. Before that, Jeff developed the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program and founded an investor education firm.

Now, Jeff takes the same strategy he used for his clients – around 100 of California’s wealthiest individuals – and exclusively shares these techniques with his loyal subscribers.

Jeff’s strategy allows you to potentially make money no matter what a stock does – whether it goes up, down, or just stays the same.

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