How to Double Your Money on the World’s Most Valuable Companies

It may seem impossible to double your money on big-name stocks (like Apple, Amazon, Yahoo! – now called Altaba Inc., and Booking Holdings Inc. – or the artist formerly known as Priceline) when they’re trading at over $100 per share.

But I’m here to tell you that you can… without spending thousands and thousands of dollars to buy just a few shares.

In fact, I’m in the position to double my money on big name stocks like these every week.

And the way I do things, you’ll never risk more than $500.

I’ll show you a few examples in just a moment. But first, let me tell you about the powerful tool I created that makes it all possible.

I call this proprietary system The Money Calendar.

It analyzes 10 years’ worth of historical data on the price movements of the most popular stocks on earth – spotting low-risk, high-return trades based on a simple, back tested pattern.

Not only does it show me short windows of time where a stock consistently goes up or down, for at least nine out of the last ten years… but it also shows me the exact length of time that move lasted.

Below is a screen shot of The Money Calendar. Each day of the week shows whether stocks will either rise or fall in price based on ten years’ worth of historical data.

Green days mean that most stocks will be bullish. Yellow days are neutral. And red days mean that share prices will fall.

Now let me show you how I use The Money Calendar to spot trades designed to double your money in 30 days or less.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

AAPL was trading at $118.38 at the time I recommended my trade. In order to buy 100 shares of the stock, you would’ve needed $11,838 of your hard-earned money.

But the trade I set up let you control 100 shares of stock for just $185.

And based on the 10-year historical pattern that The Money Calendar gave me, we only needed the stock price to make an upward three-point move for us to make 100% gains.

But our trade did even better – netting gains of 122% in just 11 days.

Here’s what a couple of my readers made on this trade…

 “I made $3,732.36.”

“I got into AAPL on this trade at $2, and sold at $5.76 for a 288% return! Loving that it was my first trade…”

Next, let me show you how I applied the power of The Money Calendar to the world’s largest internet company…, Inc. (AMZN)

Last June, I was interested in a trade opportunity The Money Calendar gave me on AMZN. At the time, this stock was trading right around $429.92. So if you wanted to buy just one share, you’d need to fork out almost $500.

And forget buying 100 shares of AMZN for any less than $42,992…

But without ever buying a single share of stock, my readers controlled 100 shares of AMZN for just $390.

Here’s how…

The Money Calendar showed me that AMZN made an upward move in nine of the last ten years.

This told me that there was a 90% probability that it would move in this direction again over the trading date range and that we only needed it to move by less than four points to hit our double.

In only six days, we made 111% on this trade – even better than what The Money Calendar predicted.

Look at how one of my readers did:

“In less than 24 hours… $8,580 profit for AMZN!”

And here’s how you can use this approach on one of the priciest stocks on the market.

Booking Holdings Inc. (BKNG)

At the time I was interested in a trade on BKNG, the stock was trading at $1,228.96. So if you wanted to buy a single share of BKNG, you’d be looking at paying no less than over $1,200 for one share. And if you wanted 100 shares, you’d have to shell out $122,896!

But as I said, I don’t believe in risking more than $500 on a trade. And this was well over my price range.

So here’s what we did…

The Money Calendar showed me that BKNG made an upward move in nine of the last ten years, as you can see below…

And just 12 days later, we more- than-doubled our money – closing the trade out for 229% gains.

And many of my readers wrote in to tell me how they did:

I tracked the buy and sell for the BKNG trade the other day, and I made 271.6% by my calculations.”

“I had $1,625 on BKNG and sold for $3,225 for a 195% gain.”

Last example…Let me show you how The Money Calendar also takes advantage when a stock is consistently moving down in price.

Altaba Inc. (AABA)

Based on the pattern that The Money Calendar showed during between mid-December and mid January, I knew that we only needed a price move of a couple points to double our profits.

And without buying one share of AABA, we got to control 100 shares for only $195.

In comparison, we would’ve paid over $3,400 if we wanted to buy 100 shares of the stock at the time.

And thanks to the accuracy of the patterns The Money Calendar finds, we were able to exit this trade for a 100% gains… less than 20 days later.

But some of my readers did even better…

“I closed it out with an astounding 123.3% net profit!”

Now these are just a few examples of big hitters.

And at Wall Street Watchdogs, I’ll walk you through my simple trading strategies, breaking them down step-by-step so you’ll thoroughly understand how it’s entirely easy to double your money on big-name stocks… for less than $500 per trade.

Remember, all the trading strategies and money-making opportunities I cover in the Wall Street Watchdogs are all yours – just for being a member.

So welcome aboard, sit back, and let me “show you the money.”


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