Stock Alert: This is it…

Volatility is back with a bang.

Legendary investors Warren Buffett and Ron Baron are selling some of their biggest positions…

And even the most conservative members of the financial press (like The Wall Street Journal) are starting to write about a coming downturn.

So if you’ve been watching the market swings and wondering “is this it?”…

Your suspicions are correct: Something big is brewing in the financial markets right now.

But I’m not talking about the epic crash you might expect.

Instead, it’s time to prepare for an explosive market phenomenon that only occurs a few times a century.

It has nothing to do with the pandemic, or new administration.

But according to one Finance PhD’s newest prediction…

Investors who make the right moves today could see the effects in their retirement accounts for decades to come.

Everything you need to know about what’s coming – and how to prepare – is detailed in his new presentation.

(Including the name and ticker symbol of a stock that could absolutely skyrocket because of what’s happening.)

You can watch this new presentation for free, by clicking right here.