7x BIGGER than Bitcoin…

If you missed the extraordinary 4,300% gains on bitcoin… 5,000% gains on XRP… and more than 83,000% gains on Ethereum…

It doesn’t matter.

Because the biggest digital disrupter of our lifetimes has arrived.

It’ll be tied to every paycheck.. every tax bill… every investment… every doctor visit. And will soon be more important than your passport… your bank details… even your fingerprint…

All it takes is ONE potential announcement from the biggest employer in the United States to kick off a frenzy of action in this new space.

The Winklevoss twins (who sued Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg for a small fortune) have already staked their claim in this new market…

A potential market that’s a rare 7x bigger than bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP put together.

It’s called “ID Coin.”

One early investment in this trend could change your wealth in the coming years unlike than you’ve probably ever seen before (that includes any single stock or cryptocurrency).

And one tech investing maverick (who has followed this story for over two years) is about to expose the event that could make “ID Coin” a household name in all 50 states.

He’s unveiling the critical details early investors need to know to take advantage of the rare scenario that could unfold any day now.

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