“Make The Chinese Pay”

There’s a simple, and maybe inevitable, way to make big money – at the expense of the Chinese government.

In 2018, a small American biotech firm stunned the world when they showed they could “rewrite humans” to eliminate risk of disease.

That’s because this radical breakthrough will not just change how we treat diseases –

It will determine which country is going to lead the future of medicine for the next 50 years – the United States or China.

The stakes couldn’t be higher –

National Defense Magazine says the breakthrough has “China is investing billions to make itself a world leader in this.”

The MIT Technology Review says the breakthrough has “world-shaping potential.”

The U.S. Director of National Security says the breakthrough has “far-reaching economic and national security implications.”

That’s the real reason President Trump signed “Executive Order 13771” just ten days after taking office. For us to beat China, he had to reduce regulations at the FDA first.

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The commercial value of the patent is astronomical.

Investor’s Business Daily estimates it’s worth $75 billion. That means China, and the rest of the world, has to pay a license fee to use this new breakthrough.

And a tiny American company owns the patent on this historic treatment.

Its current market capitalization is just $1 billion. But analysts Keith Speight thinks it will be worth twice what Facebook is worth or $1 Trillion.

That would be enough to turn every $1,000 into $1,000,000 (or more) >>>